Honours in Law

Currently the Law Honours program is an On-course Honours Award which recognises outstanding achievement in the Bachelor of Laws degree. On-course Honours is embedded in the course; it is not a separate enrolment.

IMPORTANT: From January 1 2015 the award of a degree with honours on the on-course basis will no longer be available for students commencing in 2015 onwards.

Students who began their law degree prior to 2003 previously had two additional options (Program One including MLL401 Legal Project and Program Two) for Honours in Law. For information Program One or Program Two please contact the LLB Program Coordinator.

On-course Honours - 2003 enrolments onwards (Program Three)

Honours in Law (Program Three) is the only option available to students who commenced in 2003 onwards. This structure can also be adopted by students who commenced prior to 2003.


Students are required to complete four credit points at Level 4 chosen from the following units:

MLL405 Equity & Trusts (1 cp)
MLL406 Taxation (1 cp)
MLL408 Family Law (1 cp)
MLL409 Competition Law and Policy (1 cp)
MLL410 Intellectual Property (1 cp)
MLL411 Legal Problem Solving and Persuasion(1 cp)

Please note: Please see instructions about how to work out your Law Honours Grade Point Average (GPA).

Requirement for Honours in Law

In order for students to meet the requirements for Honours in Law (Program Three) students must have:

  • successfully completed all of the requirements of their Bachelor of Laws degree, including Professional Experience.
  • successfully completed 4 credit points of LLB units at level 4, chosen from the list above. These 4 credit points at level four are incorporated into the 24 credit points required for the LLB degree. It is not necessary to complete any additional units.
  • maintained Grade Point Average of 65% and above across all of their LLB units.
  • achieved an Honours mark of H1, H2A or H2B. Students can check the Final Honours Grade table to see if they have achieved an Honours mark of H1, H2A or H2B. Remember, only final grades (across all LLB units) of 65% and above equate to Honours. This means that if the student successfully completed 4 level 4 LLB units and had an overall LLB average of 64% they are NOT ELIGIBLE for Honours, only a pass degree.

Working out your Law GPA

Law Honours Grade Point Average is calculated as follows:

All Deakin Law units are counted towards your GPA except units that are completed on Exchange, Study Abroad or Cross Institutional.


  • All attempts are to be counted, eg: if a student fails a unit three times then the attempt must be counted three times.
  • Withdrawn Fail 'WN' is to be counted as 0
  • Failure, not assessed 'XN' is to be counted as 0
  • Note: MLL401 Legal Project is worth two credit points so must be counted twice. This means that if the student received a mark of 96 for MLL401 then you would add 96 twice into your calculation; be sure to add an extra credit point when dividing the total LLB marks.
  • If no numerical grade appears, use middle point of the grade as follows:

P = 55% C = 65% D = 75% HD = 85%

All Deakin Law unit attempts* should be added together and then divided by the number of completed law units to arrive at a total Law GPA. For eg: Total marks = 1560 divided by 24 units completed = 65%

Do not include Cross-Institutional or Study Abroad units

Please note: no rounding up is done for Honours calculations eg 64.686 will not be rounded up to 65.

Final Honours Grade Table

The final Honours grade should be awarded as follows:

If the Law student commenced their law course prior to 2002, and are eligible for Honours Program One, then the Honours should be awarded as follows:

H2B 60 - 69.99%
H2A 70 - 74.99%
H1 75% and above

If the Law student commenced their Law course in or after 2002, and are eligible for Honours Program Two or Three, then the Honours should be awarded as follows:

H2B 65 - 69.99%
H2A 70 - 79.99%
H1 80% and above.

Need Additional Information?

If you require additional information about the Law Honours structure, please contact a Student Advisor.

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