How to apply

To apply to gain entry into a law course at Deakin you must follow the application process which meets your current situation, depending on if you are:

School Leavers

Year 12 students must apply through Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre (VTAC). Entry is based on the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) score achieved. For further information contact VTAC on 1300 364 133 or visit VTAC.

Internal course transfer

Students who have commenced studies in an award course at Deakin University may apply to transfer to another award course. Selection will be based primarily on academic merit, i.e. the selection standards applicable for both VTAC and direct applicants. When an application for Course Transfer has been approved, students will not normally be permitted to transfer back into the initial course at a later date.

Deakin students will not be required to apply through VTAC or by Direct application for a new course as the admission standards are equivalent for all applicants.

Law and Law Combined Courses

Students who have commenced a stand-alone award course other than law may apply for transfer to a law course at the end of the first trimester of study (or part-time equivalent) and successful completion of 4 credit points.

Current Deakin students must achieve a minimum WAM for the application for transfer to be considered for law courses.

  • Minimum of 70 for entry into Law at Burwood
  • Minimum of 65 for entry into Law at Geelong
  • Minimum of 60 for entry into Law at Warrnambool

Students who have commenced a Law or Combined Law course and wish to transfer to a different combined or stand alone Law course.

Students who have commenced a combined law course may apply for transfer to another combined law course on their campus of enrolment upon successful completion of their first trimester of study and successful completion of 4 credit points.

Details on how to amend your enrolment can be found here.

Non-School Leavers

All applicants in the non-school leaver category must also apply through the Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre (VTAC) and the majority must sit the The Australian Law Schools Entrance Test (ALSET).

The ALSET is compulsory for most applicants applying for entry into any of Deakin University's undergraduate law degree programs: Arts/Law, Commerce/Law, Criminology/Law, International Studies/Law, Law, Law/Science, Property and Real Estate/Law and Management/Law.

Selection for non current year 12 (NonY12) is based on the following: ALSET (100%), or ALSET (50%) combined with a GPA (50%) or GPA from Bachelor level and postgraduate tertiary studies completed within the past 10 years (no exceptions).

You are exempt from sitting the ALSET if you have:

  • a Year 12 ATAR or equivalent score that is not more than 10 years old (no exceptions)
  • or successfully completed tertiary studies* within the past 10 years (no exceptions) with a minimum of 4 credit points of study (or equivalent) at another Australian institution, or within a current Deakin University course
  • Applicants admitted on the basis of tertiary studies will be considered with a minimum GPA of:
    • 70 for entry into Law at Burwood
    • 65 for entry into Law at Geelong
    • 60 for entry into Law at Warrnambool or cloud (online), previously known as off-campus

* tertiary studies must be at Bachelor level or above for exemption to apply

If applicants have not achieved the required minimum tertiary GPA or ATAR to be considered for admission then the ALSET result and GPA/ATAR will be weighted 50:50.

Whether you complete the ALSET or meet with one of the ALSET exemption criterias, please note places in Law are not guaranteed. ALSET or ATAR exempt candidates are deemed eligible to be considered for offer only.

If you are unsure whether or not you need to sit the ALSET you should email your questions regarding the ALSET to the Faculty of Business and Law campus office that you wish to apply for.

In the email please include the details of the grounds on which you believe you are eligible for an exemption.

Please Note: If you sit the ALSET overseas through ACER in 2013 you will not be able to apply for the test through VTAC.

Visit the VTAC admissions tests webpage for further information about the ALSET.

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