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Experience law from a global perspective and take part in one of our sought-after international study programs to gain important experience and practical skills for legal sector work.

Get firsthand, unrivalled experience in commercial law, alternate dispute resolution, international trade, arbitration or the criminal justice system.

Our past overseas study programs have covered the US, India, China and Sri Lanka.

Chinese Commercial Law Study Program

Experience intensive in-country studies of Chinese commercial law through this law study program. You’ll learn all about trading and investing in China and will have the chance to visit: 

  • the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission
  • the Shanghai World Financial Centre 
  • Jun He Law Firm – one of China’s biggest law firms 
  • the Great Wall of China 
  • Tiananmen Square 
  • Rouse & Co International 
  • the Chinese law courts 
  • Chinese foreign ventures 
  • intellectual property authorities in China.

Students will also get a briefing from the Australian Embassy or Consulate on Australia–China bilateral relations.

India Commercial Law Study Program

This program will lead you through the real India, where you’ll experience one of the most diverse, culturally-rich and colourful countries in the world. 

Home to more than one billion people and emerging as a political and economic world leader, you’ll learn all about India’s commercial law at Symbiosis University in Pune (three-and-a-half hours’ drive from Mumbai). The program spans 17 days and includes social and cultural visits in New Delhi, Agra (home to the spectacular Taj Mahal) and Mumbai.

New York International Alternate Dispute Resolution Program

New York has a reputation for dealing with some of the largest legal contracts in the United States – those that are often on the covers of the Wall Street Journal. 

As part of this program, students will: 

  • learn all about the legal issues associated with international trade 
  • explore some of the more important areas of law affecting international trade 
  • network with world leaders within the International Commercial Law field – with a particular focus on arbitrators and mediators. 

The program will be taught in Manhattan by university lecturers from PACE University, arbitrators, mediators and lawyers. Students will also have the chance to visit: 

  • Wall Street 
  • the International Court of Arbitration 
  • the New York International Arbitration Centre 
  • the United States Court of International Trade.

Sri Lanka Law Study Program

Experience the history, culture and beauty of Sri Lanka while engaging with legal professionals in both international trade and arbitration law. Students will have the chance to meet and discuss issues with experts who are at the forefront of shaping the law, including: 

  • judges 
  • academics from the University of Colombo 
  • officers from the Attorney General’s department 
  • legal practitioners from the Bar Association of Sri Lanka. 

You’ll also get to visit: 

  • the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka 
  • the Parliament of Sri Lanka 
  • the Attorney General’s department 
  • world heritage listed cultural sites 
  • wildlife sanctuaries 
  • exotic beaches.

Washington Law Study Program

Study American criminal procedure to develop a comparative perspective on the operation of the criminal justice systems in the United States and Australia. 

In the first phase of the program, this specialist curriculum content will be taught by leading academics and local practitioners at the University of North Carolina. 

In the second phase, students will relocate to Washington DC where they will:

  • hear from prosecutors working for the Department of Justice (specialising in organised crime and drug prosecutions) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation 
  • get to see state and federal courts (including the US Supreme Court) 
  • visit congress and other iconic legal sites.

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Deakin Business School also runs study programs, some of which Deakin Law School students may be eligible to apply for. 

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