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What we do:

Deakin Learning Futures facilitates and assures the Deakin Promise in the LIVE the future: Agenda 2020 to ensure a curriculum framework for:

  • Learning: Offer brilliant education where you are and where you want to go
  • Ideas: Make a difference through world-class innovation and research
  • Value: Strengthen our communities, enable our partners and enhance our enterprise
  • Experience: Delight our students, our alumni, our staff and our friends.

Our work focuses on course enhancement for all Deakin courses and capacity building for Deakin staff. We help to build curriculum that will create evidence for graduate employability through personal, relevant and engaging cloud and located learning experiences.

We operate in 3 key areas:

  • Course enhancement which:
    • improves engagement through rich and intellectually challenging curriculum
    • increases effectiveness with a focus on graduate satisfaction and employability
    • improves efficiency to ensure sustainability and affordability
  • Teaching support for premium learning providing personal, engaging and relevant experiences in the cloud, on campuses, at learning centres and industry sites 
  • Professional learning: ensuring staff feel supported and prepared for:
    • teaching in emerging cloud and located environments,
    • learning research and evaluation,
    • leadership in teaching and learning and
    • awards and research grants.

To do this we bring together experts in curriculum and assessment, learning design, digital learning, educational technologies, learning research, evaluation and academic leadership that operate in faculty-oriented teams to build collaborative relationships across the university.

Who we are:

DLF is in the portfolio of Professor Beverley Oliver, DVC Education and is led by Professor Liz Johnson, PVC Teaching and Learning who also directs the Professional Learning team.

Course enhancement is delivered by Faculty Pods which work closely each Faculty. Pod Managers lead teams which focus on curriculum design and digital resourcing.

  • Dr Siva Krishnan, SEBE; 
  • Dr Harsh Suri, BusLaw;
  • Trish McCluskey, Health;
  • Dr Anita Smith, ArtsEd.

Teaching support is led by Dr Mark O'Rourke. It consists of our Learning Environments team which supports and delivers the Cloud Deakin learning environment and our Teach Assist team which builds staff and student digital capability.

Learning@Deakin is the major site for teaching and learning at Deakin University presenting information, events and showcasing excellence. Go to Learning@Deakin here:


Deakin Learning Futures staff: Area specific information is available from the Deakin Learning Futures Teamsite.

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