Information about Office for Learning and Teaching Grants

The Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) offer the following grants:

  • Innovation and Development Grants
  • Leadership for Excellence Grants
  • Seed Projects
  • Extension Grants
  • Commissioned Projects

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Deakin Learning Futures (DLF) will run an internal endorsement procedure before submission to the Office for Learning and Teaching.

In 2013 the OLT requested changes to the administration of grants, requiring all grant applicants to advise the institution's Institutional Contact Officer (ICO) of their intention to submit. The ICO then provides to the OLT a list of applicants, grant type and project title.

Grants submitted to the OLT and not on this list will not be accepted by the OLT.

Deakin's ICO is Associate Professor Kay Souter, Director, Learning Research and Evaluation, Deakin Learning Futures (and Lisé Baker, Learning Research and Evaluation Coordinator). The grants endorsement procedure is administered by the Learning Research and Evaluation team within DLF. The first point of contact is the Learning Research and Evaluation Coordinator

The LRE team provide assistance throughout the grant application procedure; proofing, compliance check (against the OLT instructions), review of the application and advice. The final application compliance and submission to the OLT grants portal is the applicant's responsibility.

2014 Grants

Round 2 2014 submission date is Monday 16 June 2014.

Please note: The OLT will accept only full proposals from successful Round 1 grants and Seed grant applications.

To assist intending applicants an internal Timetable is available.

2014 OLT Guidelines and Instructions and important information:

  • Intending applicants must register intention to submit with the Learning Research and Evaluation Coordinator
  • It is important that you follow the Deakin process timetable (see link above) and thoroughly read and apply the OLT grant application instructions.
  • OLT will reject any application that does not meet the application instruction requirements and will not enter into discussion if your proposal is rejected.
  • The applicant is responsible for ensuring the application meets OLT requirements.
  • The applicant is responsible for the application upload to the OLT grants portal by the due date.
  • The Learning Research and Evaluation team will provide assistance and milestone reminders throughout the application process.

Full proposals will be accepted again in Round 1 2015 (possible submission date November 2014).

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