Self-directed professional development resources

Listed below, and contained in the menu on the right, are various self-directed professional development resources to assist you with your learning and teaching.  Specific areas including Deakin's Graduate Learning Outcomes, assessment, curricula design and use of technology

  • CloudDeakin - comprehensive assistance with Deakin's cloud learning environment
  • Graduate learning outcomes - resources to assist you with embedding them into Deakin's course and units 
  • Inclusive teaching practices - provides an overview to assist academics with furthering their understandings in this area and to support the development of practices that support inclusivity as a notion
  • Cloud concepts - overview of what short videos (we call them cloud concepts) are and how they can provide more interactive learning resources together with details on using iPads or storyboards to create them and cloud concept (video) recording locations
  • E-portfolios - overview of what they are, why, how and when you should use them
  • Enhancing use of tools in the cloud - short videos (we call them cloud concepts) to assist you in enhancing your digital capability in using various tools available for cloud learning such as Twitter, tethering an iPhone or using the CloudDeakin ePortfolio

Further assistance may also be obtained by contacting Deakin Learning Futures email: or the Faculty teaching and learning contacts.

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