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iPads are used by many of our students but they can also be used to great effect to assist your teaching and learning. We have collated an introductory fact sheet with links and apps which will help you learn the basics of how to use your iPad. 'Using iPads for productivity' provides information about more advanced apps which can be used to enhance your teaching and to help you create materials. Deakin Learning Futures also offers iPad workshops. Check the Professional development page for dates and information.

Cloud concepts

Cloud concepts can be made relatively easily using an iPad, other tablet device, your laptop or a camera.

Below you can access some fact sheets which will introduce you to the theory of cloud concepts and also help you to develop your own cloud concepts using an iPad.

Deakin Learning Futures also offer workshops to introduce you to the concept of cloud concepts and how they can be used to enhance your your course materials.

If you would like to receive an email alerting you of new workshops, head to https://www.deakin.edu.au/learning-futures/ers/user.php. Use your Deakin ID and password to login, scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Notify me of new events' and save changes.

Video editing

Video, cloud concept and Echo files may require editing before being released to students. This could be something as simple as cutting the beginning and end of a video to create appropriate start and finish points. You may wish to carry out more advanced tasks which enhance your video by using music, special transition effects or external material such as photos or drawings. The following documents provide an overview of some of the different software that is available to assist your video editing. Camtasia is suitable for use with PCs. iMovie can be used on iPads and Mac computers.

Vision and audio

A variety of video and audio tools can be used to enhance your teaching and learning.' Using audio and video for educational purposes' has 4 modules to help with creating new material for your students. 'Sourcing visual media' provides information to help with sourcing and citing videos and photos. Video conferencing is a tool which allows you to teach across campuses. This fact sheet looks at pedagogy, why we use video conferencing, the types of technology available and provides links to further information and technical help.

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