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The Classlist can be a helpful tool for contacting your students and monitoring their progress. Additionally using the Demo Student in the Classlist, will let you view the unit as a student, which can help you in the design phase of your unit.

From the Classlist tool you can view students who are enrolled in your unit, check out who is online and send emails. You can also view user profiles, user progress; print a Classlist and check enrollment reports.

View user profile

To view profile about your users, click on the image icon of the user's name you want to view.

Impersonate the Demo Student (Student View)

  1. Click on Classlist from the Collaborate drop-down list.
  2. Click on Impersonate from the context menu of _Student, _Demo.
  3. Click Yes to continue.
    Note: Only Unit Chairs and Lecturer roles can impersonate the Demo Student. You are not able to impersonate other staff or students.
  4. To return back to your own account, click on _Demo_Student Actions button located on top right hand corner.
  5. Click on Restore button.

View user progress

  1. Click on Classlist from the Collaborate drop-down list.
  2. Click on View Progress for from the context menu of the user whose progress you want to check.
  3. A list of reports is available to view. Click on the title of the tools to view the report.
  4. To view another user, use the Next User or Previous User buttons to navigate.

Check who's online from Classlist

The Online Status icon (green dot) indicates the user is currently online.

Send an email from Classlist

  1. Select the users you want to email and click the Email selected users icon.
  2. Type your subject and message in the appropriate fields. If you need to attach a file to your message, under Attachments, here you can drag and drop files from your computer into the upload target area. If this function is not available in your browser, click Upload and select the file then click on Open.
  3. Click Send.
    Note: Teaching staff can also send email from the Assignments area or from the Gradebook.

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