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The Learning Repository enables staff to store, classify, share and access teaching and learning materials from a secure and copyright controlled central location, and link these materials to CloudDeakin site.

Note: Only Faculty Admin, Unit Chair and Academic Admin Support roles can perform the following task.

  1. Click the Resources link in the Navbar.
  2. Go to a module.
  3. Click Add Existing Activities and select Additional Applications.
  4. From the pop-up window, click on Learning Repository.
  5. Click on the link you've created above.
  6. The page will now reload with a connection to the Learning Repository.
  7. In the Search box, type in your unit code (e.g. ABC123).
  8. A list of results will show. Find the required offering (i.e. the relevant trimester/year).
  9. Click the green hyperlink View more details.
  10. Further information about the item will display, as well as a list of available resources in the LR.
  11. Scroll down and select the radio button for the resource you wish to use. Then, click Select Resource.
  12. You will get a message of Link Association Complete.
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