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eReadings contains a list of journal articles or book chapters that students require to read in one central location.

Create an eReadings list

Note: You will first need to create your eReadings list from within your live CloudDeakin teaching site.

  1. Go to the Resources tool in your live teaching site.
    Note: you cannot create an eReadings list in your DEV sites or sandpits.
  2. Go to the List of Resources.
  3. Go to the relevant Content module or create a module that you want the link located in.
  4. Click on Add Existing Activities and select Additional Applications.
  5. Choose external learning tool link: eReadings List from the dropdown menu.
  6. The eReadings List link will be added to your Content.
  7. You must click on the link you've created above to access the eReadings List interface.
    This step will take approximately 30 seconds while the eReadings list is created.
    Note: To change the title, click on the dropdown arrow and select Edit Properties In-place.

Manage eReadings list

Roll over eReadings

  1. Click the Admin menu.
  2. Select Import list from another unit.
  3. Enter your unit code in the From: field. Wait for the list to populate. It should take less than 5 seconds.
  4. Select the Unit offering you wish to import from.
  5. Click Import.
    This next screen will show you the list of all the eReadings items from the previous offering.
  6. Ensure that there is a tick next to all the eReadings items you wish to reactivate.
  7. Click Import at the bottom of the list.
  8. The activation dates for the items in your list will be the start and end date for the teaching period. For example, if it's for Tri-2_2012, then the start/end date will be for that trimester.
  9. Click OK.

Contribute a new reading to your eReadings list

You can search for existing items within Deakin's Learning Repository, or you can ask the library to help you.

Login to to access the Learning Repository.

Activate and add an existing reading to your eReadings list

After you have created your eReadings list, you can search for items that already exist in the Learning Repository. If it doesn't exist, you will need to add a new (contribute) eReading.

  1. Go to your eReadings list, from within your CloudDeakin site.
  2. Click on the Admin menu above the list (if you already have some items listed) or above the entry page (if this is the first item you are adding).
  3. Select Add existing item (activate).
  4. Search for the third party resource (e.g. e-readings).
  5. Once you have located the resource you wish to activate and link to, click on View more details... for the appropriate third party resource.
  6. Click Activate and add.
  7. Select the relevant unit and trimester from the Course drop-down list.
  8. Check the activation dates are correct.
  9. Click Activate and add once more to complete the process.
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