New Features

CloudDeakin was upgraded at the start of Trimester 1 2013. The new version offers:

  • drag and drop functionality for uploading files in Mozilla Firefox
  • moving from 3 columns to a 2 column layout
  • drop-down navigation bars
  • a minibar at the top of the page allowing users to access their sites from anywhere within CloudDeakin
  • other minor design changes, mostly related to colours and heading styles
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Improvements to common tools include:

  • Content: content area is being completely revamped - including drag and drop functionality and documents opening directly within the browser
  • Content: drag and drop to reorder items
  • Content: ability to set the method of completion to track students' progress
  • Content: upcoming events are now displayed under Content
  • Dropbox: ability to set a Due Date on assignments, which will save Unit Chairs from needing to create multiple Dropboxes or using release conditions for late submissions
  • Dropbox: ability to release all feedback and grades to students with one click once all marking has been finalised. Using the Save Draft and Publish Feedback buttons
  • Discussions: a new option that ensure students must post a message before they are able to read other students' messages
  • Rubrics: the ability to easily import/export rubrics between units
  • Grades: ability to directly access student Dropbox submission from the Grades tool
  • Updates to Class Progress: additional and improved functionality that provides Unit Chairs with the ability to monitor student performance across the entire class via four progress indicators
  • Assignment Grader App: a new iPad Assignment Grader App has been released allowing instructors to grade and leave feedback even when they are offline
  • Binder App: an iPad application that allows staff and students to download content for offline viewing on their tablet (Android App coming in mid-2013)
  • A new design will also accompany the upgrade on the login page and within unit sites
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