Support for students

Not all students will know how to navigate or use the tools and features of your CloudDeakin site effectively, or what you expect of them in the online learning environment.

There are a number of resources available to assist students in their use of CloudDeakin and help you guide students with the use of your unit site effectively.

IT Service Desk

The IT Service Desk assist students with technical problems, such as difficulties logging on to CloudDeakin and computer and browser issues.

IT Service Desk

Student CloudDeakin support

The student CloudDeakin support and resources website provides help guides, FAQs and information on how to successfully access, log in to and use CloudDeakin.Student CloudDeakin support

These resources may be useful in helping you guide students to use your unit site effectively.



The UniStart site for CloudDeakin is designed to provide students with an opportunity to become familiar with CloudDeakin and access some useful resources to help them with their online learning. All students are automatically enrolled in UniStart.

The site is also available to staff and will provide you with an opportunity to try out some of the main tasks that may be expected of your students from a student's perspective.

Learning objectives

By completing all of the activities on this site, you will be able to:

  • navigate an online unit and access content
  • use the basic online communication and assessment tools
  • know where to get help with CloudDeakin.


The UniStart site for CloudDeakin has been created as a series of self-paced modules including:

  • Participating in Discussions
  • Submitting assignments to an Assignment Folder
  • Checking your work with Turnitin
  • Completing Quizzes
  • Keeping track of your progress.

You can start at the beginning and work your way through, or can pick and choose individual modules that are of importance to you.

Accessing the site

  • All students are automatically enrolled in UniStart.
  • Staff can access the UniStart site by contacting eSolutions on 888 or submit a request. Please include your name, username and title of the site. You will be notified once you have been enrolled, and will be ready to start:
    1. Click on CloudDeakin homepage.
    2. Go to the Student tab in the My Sites widget.
    3. Click on the UniStart link.

Navigating CloudDeakin

Introducing CloudDeakin to your students

It is important to introduce CloudDeakin to students as some students will be unfamiliar with how to navigate or use the features of CloudDeakin, and the organisation of learning resources is quite different to what many may be used to.

In addition to a 'Welcome' News item, introductory page or module to guide your students through the site, it is recommended that you introduce students to CloudDeakin in your first class or seminar.

Checklist for first class/seminar

During the first class or seminar, it is recommended that you draw student's attention to the important features in CloudDeakin which support the unit's learning outcomes and that you discuss your expectations of how students should use the site. The following checklist will guide you through this task.

Your expectations

  • What you expect of your students, including:
    • how much time they will need to devote to the unit
    • participation in online learning activities such as quizzes, discussions and group work
    • online assignment submission and grades
    • resources to be accessed such as Echosystem recordings and e-readings, updates and important news.

What students can expect

  • What students can expect from you e.g. feedback, assistance, your online presence (how often/when you will be available), how they can monitor their progress.

How to log in to CloudDeakin

How to navigate CloudDeakin homepage

CloudDeakin Homepage is the starting point within the online learning environment.

  • News - read important University news
  • My Sites - access unit sites
  • My Profile - setup profile, notifications and preferences
  • Events - what to look out for in upcoming events
  • Student Help - links to list of help guides

How to navigate the Unit site

The Unit site Home page contains updates, events and important news items as well as access to all of your unit resources.

  • News - important unit-based news items e.g. welcome to the unit, reminders about requirements, important assignment submission dates
  • Updates, Events, Calendar - for students to keep up to date with upcoming events and new discussion postings and due dates for online assessment tasks
  • Resources - demonstrate how content in the unit is organised, where to find the Unit Guide, unit resources, learning activities, and checklists (if used)
  • Communication - how students should communicate with you and each other online:
    • Any procedures and expectations you have setup for communicating online such as dedicated discussion areas and netiquette information
    • where should students forward private correspondence
  • Assessment - any online assessment tasks, instructions, discussions and help, use of Turnitin, access/release of marks
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