Communities of practice

Connecting Deakin teaching and learning networks and communities of practice, such as:

Digital Literacy community of practice - Explore | Experience | Evolve - Deakin educators share ideas, opinions, resources and experiences of working with digital literacy in learning, teaching and assessment
Join via Yammer or contact Sue Owen.

University-wide Work Integrated Learning (WIL) network
Join the Deakin WIL Community on LinkedIn.

eP@D - Contribute to the e-portfolio at Deakin group. Deakin is also a member of Cohort VII of Inter/Nationnal Coaliation for electronic portfolio research
Contact Kate Coleman or Lisé Baker for further details.

CHAT discussion group - Focusing on cultural historical activity theory, Vygotsky and socio-cultural educational theory
Contact John Cripps Clark to participate or join the email list.

Faculty of Arts & Education Online Teaching Leaders Forum - Each month an aspect of online teaching is presented by academics with expertise in the particular aspect and the group discusses the implications for teaching and pedagogical issues arising from the presentations
This group is by invitation only with academics leading in online teaching being invited to attend - for further information contact Dr Sandra Herbert.

Research roundtable discussions - To build a community of practice focused on collaborative action research designed to build research confidence, strengthen collegiality, and to show-case and further the Deakin Learning mission. Facilitated by Deakin Learning Futures in collaboration with Deakin learning and research leaders - very brief presentations followed up with workshop activities designed to excite, inform and produce a series of research projects
Contact Lisé Baker for further information.

Deakin Learning Leaders Network - (119 members to date) Future meetings scheduled at six week intervals with next meeting 21 August
Join by emailing

eNexus ideas community is an online environment for Deakin staff to collaborate on ideas that will help Deakin LIVE the Future.
Join and contribute to eNexus.

Additional networks and communities of practice can be added by contacting Deakin Learning Futures email

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