Stage 2: Assessment and learning design

As part of Deakin University's course enhancement process, every course (degree program) has a clear and concise set of course learning outcomes and minimum standards aligned with Deakin's Graduate Learning Outcomes, accreditation requirements (where applicable) and the Australian Qualifications Framework.

These templates provide the framework for the creation of the Course Learning Outcomes and minimum standards, aligned with Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes and Australian Qualifications Framework specifications, for the AQF levels and programs indicated. The templates can be downloaded as PDFs and in Word version for ease of use.

CLO template AQF level 7 Bachelor degree [PDF 269 KB] [Word 248 KB

CLO template AQF level 8 Graduate Certificate [PDF 258 KB] [Word 248 KB]

CLO template AQF level 8 Graduate Diploma  [PDF 258 KB] [Word 247 KB]

CLO template AQF level 8 Bachelor Honours [PDF 262 KB] [Word 252 KB]

CLO template AQF level 9 Masters Coursework [PDF 267 KB] [Word 248 KB]

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