eVALUate reports

The University is committed to providing students with every opportunity to reflect on their learning and provide feedback about the teaching, support and resources provided in units studied.  For staff, student feedback provided through the eVALUate survey gives timely feedback which can be considered before future offerings of the unit.

Details of the University procedure can be found in the Evaluation of Teaching and Units Procedure

Following administration of the survey to students there are a number of different reports made available. 

Reports for unit chairs and teaching staff include summary data on the 11 quantitative items as well as the detailed feedback about teaching staff, what was most helpful and improvement ideas (qualitative questions). 

These reports are available at Unit Evaluation: Restricted results reports (SETU results restricted for staff, survey tool used up to and including T1, 2014) and Unit and Teacher Evaluations: Deakin Staff Only Reports (eVALUate results restricted for staff).

Public reports and those made available to students provide aggregated data on the quantitative survey questions only with details on response rates and relevant demographic information.

There are also reports provided at the course, School, Faculty and University level focusing on the responses to quantitative survey items.

Further information about, and access to, reports is provided by the Strategic Intelligence and Planning Unit (SIPU).

Key timelines for the administration of student surveys and generation of reports in 2014 is available at Survey Evaluation Framework.

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