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Resources on a range of topics are being developed to complement implementation of eVALUate as the new student evaluation survey used to review student learning experiences in units each trimester from T2.  

The table below provides broad information about what is planned for each topic. Resources will be developed to coincide with evaluation timelines with the first topic available at the beginning of August 2014. In the meantime review the PDF - Introducing eVALUate which should answer many of your questions about the new survey, the reports which will be generated and why this validated survey instrument will provide students and staff with better information about the learning experience of our students.

Details will be published as they become available, and you can register your interest using the contact form.

eVALUate Staff Support resources (Coming Soon)

Topic 1 - Introduction to eVALUate                                                                                                                                          
  • What are the key features and differences with SETU
  • Rationale for the change
  • Key stages in the process including timelines and reports
  • Promoting student evaluation from the beginning of classes – focus on learning outcomes and encouraging students to reflect on how they learn and how academic staff can support this
Topic 2 – eVALUate output reports 
  • Reports generated with the data and who gets what and when
  • how to read the quantitative aspects
  • how to deal with the qualitative comments constructively, e.g. common tools used to analyse comments to identify key themes – encourage shift away from focusing on "raw comments"
Topic 3 – eVALUate for unit enhancement and improvement
  • How to use eVALUate feedback to enhance or develop a unit 
  • How eVALUate fits in the context of existing university policy regarding unit development and revision
Topic 4 – Analysis of eVALUate data and how to respond to students
  • What to include in the unit guide, how to use this feedback and your report to students to maximum effect, closing the feedback loop
  • How to interpret and then consider student feedback
  • What to do in response to student concerns
Topic 5 – Planning and reporting using eVALUate data
  • How does the Unit Chair report the results to their staff
  • How does the Course Director report findings at the course level
  • Protocol for reporting by HOS or nominated representative
Topic 6 – Managing, rewarding and developing academic staff with eVALUate 
  • How eVALUate data can be used within the current PPR process
  • Retaining records of outcomes / What to keep and what to discard
  • Using your staff portfolio 
  • How eVALUate outcomes can be used as evidence for awards and promotions
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