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  • Why does Deakin eVALUate units every trimester?

  • Student feedback is vital to continually improving our teaching and your learning experience at Deakin. The eVALUate survey replaces the former Student Evaluation of Teaching and Units survey (SETU) and enables Deakin to gather, report and apply student feedback to improve units and teaching in a positive way. 

    eVALUate is strongly focused on student learning and asks you to reflect on your learning and unit learning outcomes.

  • How do I participate?
  • Student evaluation of teaching and units currently occurs three times per year to reflect each trimester. 

    To take part in the survey please follow the link in the email you will receive in Week 11 of the trimester. You can also complete your unit and teaching evaluations by logging on to the Deakin 
    Online Student Evaluations Systems

    There are two parts to the survey ā€“ one focusing on student perceptions about what has helped and hindered your achievement of unit learning outcomes, and the second part that seeks student feedback about individual teaching effectiveness. 

    The survey and all results are confidential. Only aggregated data is included in reports and de-identified student comments are available verbatim to the managers of the unit(s). This includes named teaching staff, Unit Chair, Head of School, Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning) and Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor. 

    Evaluation of each unit will take a few minutes but the timely feedback provided is invaluable to the academic staff and the University with an opportunity for changes to be made in future offerings.

Your Feedback

  • How are eVALUate survey results shared?

  • Results are generally released one week after each survey period once data checking and verification is completed. 

    Unit chairs are required to inform students of the results and impact of surveys, in line with the Deakin Evaluation of Teaching and Units procedure, with the minimum requirement being to report in the unit guide and in class discussions by the end of trimester. There are also public reports available to students and the general public.

    Aggregated results from each evaluation survey (units only) are publicly available as well as a series of Staff Only reports through the Evaluations System Reports website.

  • How is my feedback acted upon?
  • Reports generated by eVALUate can be used to inform enhancements to teaching and learning practice by unit chairs, course directors, heads of school, faculty leaders and the University executive. 

    Course and unit teams are expected to utilise material provided to improve their courses and units. Staff responsible for performance review (PPR) processes consider survey responses as part of their review of teaching performance for the staff reporting to them. The faculty use this data to report on teaching performance and actions to the University Teaching and Learning Committee.

    Bring value to eVALUate; Have your say - be constructive


Is this compulsory?

No, it is not compulsory. However, we believe it is the right of every student to be able to provide feedback on their units and teachers. Feedback provided can, and does, assist staff in improving units and their teaching.

I haven't completed all aspects of my unit, why are you asking me for feedback now?

The unit evaluations are conducted over a five week period to allow for the variety of units offered at Deakin. You are able to respond to the survey anytime up until the date indicated in your invitation emails.

I don't want all these reminders ā€“ I will complete the survey after my exams.

The evaluation period runs for 4-5 weeks with weekly reminders. You will receive a reminder for your units that have not been evaluated. This is an automated aspect of the online evaluations system that cannot be 'turned off' for individual students. Once your unit(s) has/have been evaluated you will not receive any more reminders. You should just ignore the reminders until you receive the final reminder if you wish to delay your evaluations.

I am not the student the email was sent to.

Forward to for further investigation

I have made a mistake on the survey, can I re-do it?

The online evaluations system is configured so that student responses cannot be altered or deleted once they have been submitted.

I can't logon to do my evaluations.

Students should use their standard student Deakin username and logon. The system is case-sensitive so usernames need to be entered in lower case.

The link to the survey does not work.

If the link does not work automatically by clicking on it from the email invitation, then copy and paste the link into a new browser session.

The wrong teaching staff is on the survey.

The teaching staff names are entered by the School/Faculty responsible for the teaching of the unit and cannot be changed once the evaluations period has commenced. Do not provide feedback or evaluate teaching staff that have not taught you ā€“ leave this blank.

I want to evaluate a teacher that is not on the survey form.

If you wish to provide feedback for staff member not on the survey you can do so through alternative channels ie by contacting the Unit Chair, Head of School and/or the Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning).

I am not enrolled in this unit/these units.

This is most likely due to a late withdrawal from the unit/sā€“ you will still be included in the evaluations if you were enrolled in the unit(s) after the trimester census date. You do not need to complete the unit evaluations if you do not wish. As it is an automated process you will continue to get reminders until the conclusion of the evaluation period. You may just ignore these.

My unit/s is not listed that I wish to provide feedback on.

Some units are exempted from being part of standard online evaluations system and process. This may be due to the unit/s being part of a thesis, having a substantial research component, being a work placement, an industry project or there may be alternative arrangements in place for the evaluation of the unit/s. You may provide your feedback to the Unit Chair, Head of School and/or the Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning).

Are my results confidential?

Yes, only aggregated data are included in any reports. However, your comments are available verbatim to line management of the unit(s. This includes named teaching staff, unit chair, Head of School, Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning) and Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor, so be sure to not include information that may identify you in your comments. Any comments you provide should be constructive and respectful in accordance with your responsibilities as a Deakin student under the Student Charter.

I am hesitant to provide feedback in case it influences my unit results/grades.

All feedback that you provide is confidential. No information that identifies you will be passed onto anyone. Faculty staff/teachers are unable to see any evaluation reports/outcomes including comments until after the survey period is completed and the data has been checked/released. The timing is after the next trimester has commenced.

I wish to make a complaint about the survey/ a teacher/ my unit(s)/ my course or another aspect of Deakin University.

As a student, you have the right to express legitimate concerns and complaints and to have them considered through a fair and transparent process. The Student complaints webpage provides information about how to raise your concerns or to lodge a formal complaint.

What is done with my responses?

Your evaluation survey responses are used for a variety of purposes in the context of monitoring outcomes and informing continuous quality improvement. Examples are as follows:

  • Staff responsible for the teaching of units as well as Unit Chairs and other senior Faculty staff review the feedback and use them to inform continuous quality improvement of our units and teachers, as well as to review the effectiveness of changes implemented.
  • Aggregated outcomes are monitored to assess changes over time for different cohorts, and to inform decisions as to which areas may require further attention.
  • For each trimester, a report is presented to the University Teaching and Learning Committee on aggregated eVALUate unit outcomes with comparative data over time focusing on percentage agreement. Significant differences at the Faculty and School level and unit variances to the norm are highlighted. In addition, each Faculty provides a report on areas of strength, areas for improvement and actions undertaken or that will be taken in response.
  • Teacher evaluation outcomes inform staff probation and performance reviews, teaching awards and promotions processes.

  • Other Queries Not Covered Above

    For queries of a technical nature or in relation to student evaluations administration, analysis & reporting email the Strategic Intelligence and Planning Unit (SIPU),

    For queries regarding the eVALUate instrument and why it was selected or the usage of evaluation outcomes by academic staff, please send an email to

    Emails to these addresses are regularly monitored and will be forwarded to the appropriate person for follow-up.

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