Learning Conference 2013

Flipping the conference - Twenty-first century learning: personal, relevant, engaged

Post conference wrap up

Thanks to a fabulous DLF team effort, enthusiasm from the presenters and staff who came along, the conference was a great success with over 280 people attending over the two days.

Feedback tells us the keynotes (Dr Diana Oblinger and Omar Musa) were particularly well received and the overall 'flipped' concept provided an enjoyable, more informal, interactive and relaxed tone to the two day event.


Learning Conference 2013 Photos



On the Thursday at the end of the session 'What makes a killer cloud concept' were the inaugural DUCCAs, Deakin University Cloud Concept Awards, the winners selected from the cloud concepts provided by the presenters of the conference workshops; if you haven't seen them they are listed below with links to view the concept, and in no particular order:

Most Dramatic

  • Marking creative responses

Best Cast

  • From Sandpit to the Cloud

Best use of folk, ethnic, roots or world music

  • Changing the assessment status quo

Breakthrough Performance

  • An innovative, participatory cloud concept in diabetes education

Punchiest Presentation

  • Using developmental feedback in marking moderation
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