What is premium cloud and located learning

Deakin's move to cloud learning denotes our intention to design and enhance courses to enable students to evidence their achievement of the capabilities that count, particularly through reimagined assessment supported by accessible, highly visual, interactive learning resources, including open educational resources.

The cloud experience will take place in a seamless digital environment where students can connect with teaching staff, mentors, peers and employers, and create and curate evidence of their achievements, including collaboration on authentic tasks that prepare them for the professions and for citizenship. Deakin's located learning experiences - on its campuses and learning centres and in industry settings such as hospitals, schools and construction sites - will be opportunities to engage with teaching staff and peers in rich interpersonal interaction through large and small group events.

Deakin has a proud history of excellence in teaching and learning, and our graduates are already clearly satisfied with the courses facilitated by our many excellent teaching and support staff. Nevertheless, we can always improve. We plan to focus in the first instance on high impact courses, and build on the work of the trailblazers at Deakin who have already adopted innovative approaches. Our innovations will be evidence-based: rigorous evaluation and critical reflection will test whether courses enhanced for cloud and located learning are more engaging, effective and efficient. Regardless of the site of learning - the cloud, the classroom or the professional context - excellent learning at Deakin must be highly interactive and engaging, designed and deployed by enthusiastic and inspiring educators, to enable students to evidence their achievement of key capabilities to become highly employable graduates and effective citizens.

Deakin aims to drive the digital frontier in a very dynamic environment that includes open educational resources, new delivery platforms and ways of assessing and credentialing learners. Deakin aims to use and contribute to open educational resources that are interactive, media-rich, and engaging. We believe that one of our key roles is to credential new graduates for the professions - therefore assessment is core. We believe excellent assessment at the digital frontier must be authentic, engaging and interactive and enable meaningful feedback to assist the student to achieve and evidence minimum standards in key capabilities. This is a great challenge, and will not be easy: it is also our greatest opportunity. Many higher education institutions and enterprises are building innovative delivery platforms, and offering open resources. Deakin plans to focus on what is being delivered - assessing and credentialing intellectually challenging outcomes - as well as how it is delivered, using emerging technologies and environments to engage and delight our students.

Cloud learning's 12 key features, Campus Review, 23 July 2012, article by Professor John Catford, previous Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Deakin University

Examples of teaching and assessing in the cloud

Examples of premium cloud and located learning

Do Deakin staff and students have digital access?
In early 2012, Deakin University staff and students responded to surveys designed to provide evidence of their digital access: to the internet, to mobile devices and to common Web 2.0 social applications. Read the report (141 KB).

Professional development: How can Deakin teaching staff enchance their capabilities for teaching and learning in the cloud? See Professional development.

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