OLT Citations and Awards winners

Each year the Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) administer the Australian Awards for University Teaching. These consist of: Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning; Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning; Awards for Teaching Excellence; Prime Minister's Award for Australian University Teacher of the Year; and Career Achievement Award.

The team at Learning Research and Evaluation, Deakin Learning Futures supports the Deakin nominees throughout the application process.

Congratulations to the following successful nominees.

Australian Awards for University Teaching

Award for Teaching Excellence 2014

Teaching Excellence Award winner, Kieran Lim

Associate Professor Kieran Lim, Faculty of Science Engineering and Built Environment

For Kieran Lim, everything is chemistry and chemistry is everything. He uses toys, songs and analogies to
help overcome students' fear of chemistry and to help motivate and inspire students to learn. Examples
from everyday life illustrate chemistry concepts and make the subject relevant for students. He has been
a member of national projects that have improved learning in both large classes and in laboratories. His
innovative uses of videoconferencing, spreadsheets and online quizzes have enhanced learning, and are
cited as exemplars of how technology can improve engagement and learning.

Since the foundations of university education begin at school level, Kieran's accomplishments also extend to outreach activities for school students, and to professional development for their teachers, especially around the senior-high school/university transition. He has been involved in the development of the school-level Australian Science Curriculum and in the university-level Academic Standards: Threshold Learning Outcomes for Chemistry. His developments and learning resources have been shared with colleagues and the wider academic community through refereed teaching-and-learning publications, invited conference presentations, and other media, and have been implemented in universities and schools in Australia, North America, UK, New Zealand and Asia.

Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning 2014

Citation winners; Hannah Bereznicki, Sharon Horwood and Wendy Sutherland-Smith

Ms Hannah Bereznicki, Ms Sharon Horwood, Dr Wendy Sutherland-Smith, Faculty of Health

For excellence in developing a suite of innovative and dynamic assessment strategies that fosters independent learning among large cohorts of first-year psychology students.

2014 Citation winner, Chad Whelan

Dr Chad Whelan, Faculty of Arts and Education

For excellence and leadership in developing curricula and resources encompassing authentic and innovative learning environments that significantly enhance the learning and employability of criminology students.

2014 Citation winner Timothy Wilkin

Mr Timothy Wilkin, Faculty of Science Engineering and Built Environment

For the creation of innovative computer-based experiential learning environments that support and motivate the development of independent learning behaviours in information technology students.

Australian Awards for University Teaching

Award for Teaching Excellence 2013

Helen Larkin

Ms Helen Larkin, Faculty of Health

Through sustained innovation and scholarship Helen Larkin is a leader in providing authentic, creative and inter-professional learning opportunities not only for occupational therapy students but beyond her own discipline to other health disciplines and more broadly. By combining theory, concept, practice, reflection and improvement in an ongoing process, Helen ensures the highest quality of learning, engagement and experience for her students. Through the research and application of learning theory to her teaching, Helen has developed innovative practice-based curricula delivered in high support/high challenge classroom and online learning environments.

Helen initiated and led a cutting edge, world-first inter-professional education initiative between occupational therapy and architecture students which continues to build the capacity of graduates to work in the newer and emerging areas of universal design practice. She is internally recognised for her teaching leadership and innovation through a number of university awards and contributes regularly to university-wide teaching initiatives. Helen is a teaching and learning coordinator in the School of Health and Social Development and her work has been recognised externally by a 2011 ALTC Citation and a 2012 Geelong Researcher of the Year Award.

Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning 2013

Kristy Hess

Miss Kristy Hess, Faculty of Arts and Education

For excellence in advancing news reporting practises among rural and regional journalism students through innovative, research-led curriculum and professional expertise.

Bodil Rasmussen

Dr Bodil Rasmussen, Faculty of Health

For sustained leadership in developing innovative courses in partnershiop with local, national and international educational and professional organisations.

Micheal Volkov

Mr Michael Volkov, Faculty of Business and Law

For creating inclusive student-centred, engaging learning environments shaped by teaching scholarship that inspires students to develop real-world employability skills in marketing.

Jason Wells

Mr Jason Wells, Faculty of Science Engineering and Built Environment

For enhancing the on- and off-campus first year student learning experience through innovative blended and personalised teaching approaches in the field of information technology.

Mike Weston

Dr Michael Weston, Faculty of Science Engineering and Built Environment

For sustained excellence in experiential science teaching and fostering a 'community of learners' engaged in a highly successful, vibrant and growing undergraduate degree course.

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