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Informit TVNews

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Also known as Informit Media, Informit TV News, TV News, TVNews

Informit Media enables users to search, browse, track and be alerted by RSS feeds to television events and programs. Currently it includes the following programs: 60 Minutes, 7:30 Report, ABC News... [more]

Licence and access information

Access information

- Please refer to Informit FAQ's for technical requirements and WMV plug-in information. Close and reopen Firefox after installing the WMV plug-in to enable it.
- Please note, Informit TV News will timeout after 6 minutes of inactive searching. If this occurs, please logout and log back in again.

Authorised users

- Deakin students
- Deakin staff
- Remote Deakin users
- Use for Deakin College


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-Creating a link

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