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Periodicals Index

Also known as PERIND, Informit PERIND

Periodicals Index (PERIND) National University of Singapore Periodicals Index (PERIND), produced by the National University of Singapore Library, is a bibliographic database that indexes articles on Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and ASEAN (as an entity). Source documents: Approximately 270 core journal titles published internationally and in Singapore. The journals are mainly in English with a small number in Malay. They include book reviews, review articles, editorials, letters, speeches, lectures, interviews, obituaries, panel discussions, commentaries, legislation notes, case notes and clinical case studies. The citations on medicine include also those authored by Singapore and Malaysian doctors regardless of geographical coverage. Most journals date from 1980, though medicine is covered from 1975 and law from 1932. Note that PERIND started as an index to periodical literature but beginning from mid-1997, it covers also book chapters and conference papers (both published and unpublished). Subject coverage: Humanities, social sciences, business, management, building, architecture, city planning, law and medicine.
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