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ASTM Standards and Engineering Digital Library

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Also known as ASTM Digital Library Complete, ASTM (IHS)

Publisher's description: The Digital Library provides access to theory, science and technical insights behind the standards. It is a continuously growing repository that reflects the latest technological advances in hundreds of industries. The ASTM Manuals, Monographs, Special Technical Publications & Journals are all included in the Digital Library.
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Authorised users

- Deakin students
- Deakin staff
- Remote Deakin users


- Downloading of limited portions
- Printing of a single copy of an article/chapter
- Saving a single copy of an article/chapter for personal use
- Creating a link

Not allowed

- Emailing a copy of an article/chapter to an authorised user
- Including an article/chapter in online course material
- Including an article/chapter in print course material
- Including an article/chapter in offline course material e.g. CD ROM
- Use for Deakin College
- Commercial use
- Interlibrary loan
- Provision for inclusion in an institutional repository
- Removing or modifying copyright or source details
- Systematic downloading of content including by software such as web crawlers or harvesters

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