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EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research (ECAR)

Also known as EDUCAUSE, ECAR

ECAR delivers a variety of research and analytical reports designed to foster dialogue and enhance decision-making among its college and university clients. Research bulletins and reports are the primary ECAR research products
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- Deakin Students
- Deakin Staff
- Remote Deakin users


When accessing or referencing electronic resources, users should check the individual web site which may have terms and conditions/permissions specific to the use of that resource. If there are no terms of use/permissions then users must comply with Australian Copyright law and, in some cases, the copyright laws of other countries. Information must not be used for commercial purposes or re-sold in any way.

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- Commercial use
- Removing or modifying copyright or source details
- Systematic downloading of content including by software such as web crawlers or harvesters
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