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Collection Guidelines - Other Collections

Reading Nook Collections

The Reading Nook collections are intended to be small, attractive, current collections of popular titles in print. Popular titles are also acquired for use on e-book readers.


  • Enrich student learning experiences and lifelong pursuits.
  • Improve the student experience by providing support for recreational activities.
  • Increase the visibility of the literature collection.
  • Provide a 'bridging collection' to introduce students to the library.
  • As a supporting strategy for overseas students and language IELTS.
  • Create an appealing space to informally disseminate information about liaison services, library activities, and e-book readers.
  • Create a defined space that is suitable to cross promote initiatives like guest author visits, book clubs and other promotional activities

The aim is not to duplicate public library services but to offer a small, convenient and immediate collection of current titles that will promote, support and enhance the educational and life-long learning experience that the university library can offer.


  • Reading Nook collections will be available at each campus library
  • Reading Nook collections will be located in small, attractive spaces that facilitate casual browsing and reading and allow small displays and promotional activities

Content - Included

  • A range of best sellers and popular fiction
  • A selection of light non-fiction such as biographies
  • A small selection of graphic novels
  • A small number of popular magazines

Content - Excluded

  • Literary Classics - these are collected under the Library's literature profile
  • Poetic works - these are collected under the Library's literature profile
  • Foreign language material
  • Erotic fiction
  • Very light fiction eg: westerns, romance (Mills and Boon)


  • The aim is a broad range of titles spread across all campuses with minimal duplication.
  • Some duplication of very popular titles may occur across campuses.
  • Some titles may also occasionally duplicate those held in the literature general collection.

Collection acquisition and management

  • The collection is intended to be current, attractive, easily acquired and maintained.
  • The collection will be limited in size to approximately 1000 titles per campus.
  • Current selection of materials for the collection will be through a customised profile with a monograph vendor. Full shelf ready processing will be handled by the vendor. Basic records with minimal details will be considered sufficient as this is primarily intended as a browsing collection with limited life.
  • Any suggestions for new titles will be considered for possible addition to the customised profile if budget permits.
  • No donations will be accepted as they are time consuming to review and labour intensive to process.
  • Regular review and deselection will be undertaken to ensure the collection is up-to-date and appealing to users, and to maintain the collection's limited size.


  • Deakin staff and students and Deakin College students can borrow reading nook books for a two week period
  • Books can be requested and renewed three times before they must be returned
  • The collection will be monitored to ensure that staff and students have equitable access across all campuses
  • The material is intended for use by Deakin students and staff and therefore books cannot be borrowed by staff or students at other libraries or via CAVAL, Interlibrary Loans or BONUS schemes
  • Standard overdue points will be issued if material is not returned on time
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