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Collection Guidelines - Collection Development

Selection criteria for linking to websites

Websites can provide valuable information that supports the teaching and research areas of the University. Careful selection is required in terms of recommending a link in the library catalogue or on Library Resource Guides as websites can vary greatly in quality and stability.

Websites should be assessed for the following specific criteria:


  • provide informative, accurate, up to date and preferably authoritative content
  • have direct relevance to teaching and research areas of the University
  • offer factual information rather than commercial information


  • must not be subject to any fees or payments
  • shuold provide a stable, direct link
  • should use standard multimedia formats

Terms and conditions of use :

  • should preferably not require user registration
  • should not have specific terms or conditions other than general copyright statements that are no more restrictive than under Australian copyright law

The following categories of websites should normally NOT be linked via the library catalogue or Library Resource Guides.

  • websites that contain specific terms or conditions of use apart from general copyright statements
  • websites that offer little content beyond contact details
  • websites designed for temporary information or specific events
  • websites whose primary purpose is to advertise products or services rather than communicate information
  • websites with poor access or unstable access
  • websites that require special equipment or browsers
  • websites that are largely in a language other than English
  • personal websites

All requests for linking to websites via the library catalogue should be sent to the electronic access email ( where they will be evaluated against the above criteria before access within the catalogue is created.

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