Library statistics

What you can access and borrow

The Library has an extensive collection of resources to support the University's teaching, learning and research activities, including:

  • 1.14 million books
  • 506,027 e-books
  • 161,107 e-journals
  • 348 online databases
  • 174,083 online videos/audio
  • 73,693 streaming audio
  • 100,390 streaming video
  • 11 million plus images
  • 13,193 Deakin research publications
  • 3,975 print journals
  • 93,410 items in special collections
  • 22,290 DVDs and videos

Information valid at the end of December 2016.

Facilities available at our libraries

  • More than 3,000 study seats available in a variety of styles including zoned study spaces, group study areas, quiet study areas and casual seating zones
  • Computers and group tutorial spaces
  • Laptops, e-readers, and recording devices can be borrowed from selected libraries
  • A saturated wireless network so you can use your own laptop or device.

How our services and facilities were used in 2016

In 2016 the Library saw significant increases in use of electronic articles and visitors to the Library.

  • Over 3 million electronic articles were accessed
  • Over 5 million electronic books or book chapters were used
  • 191,412 items were borrowed, including 104,196 items checked out using the self-checkout units
  • 2.44 million people visited the library
  • 104,604 enquiries were received
  • 74,504 items were used within the campus libraries
  • 13,829 participants in digital literacy programs
  • 14,672 items were dispatched to online students
  • 46,147 items were loaned across campuses and to other libraries
  • 120,379 new titles were added to the collections.
Enlarge the 2015 collection statistics snapshot infographic