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Licensing and copyright


Licences are used to control access to, and use of, almost all of the Library's online content.  

Use is generally restricted to University staff and students, though some e-resources may also be used by other registered borrowers. Most licenses specify that resources can only be accessed for educational, research, or personal use.

Not all e-resources have the same licence restrictions. To find out what is allowed for a particular database, refer to the 'Licence and access information' in A-Z databases.


Copyright law protects print and electronic text, images, audio and video. There are specific conditions in which you can make copies from works protected by the Copyright Act, 1968 (Commonwealth).

You can use copyright material without the copyright owner's permission in certain situations. These include making a "fair dealing" for research and study, and copying certain amounts of material for teaching purposes.

You can copy: 

  • 10% of the pages, 10% of the words (if published electronically), or one chapter, whichever is greater
  • the whole, or part of one article from a periodical
  • two articles from one issue - if they both deal with the same subject matter 
  • the whole or part of a literary or dramatic work in an anthology, if it is not more than 15 pages 
  • an artistic work which accompanies a literary or dramatic work, to illustrate the text
  • the whole or part of an artistic work, if not separately published or obtainable in a reasonable time frame or price range

If you have questions or want more information, contact copyright support.

Always ensure you adhere to the Library conditions of use.

When you use resources in your study or work, make sure you reference the content.

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