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Resolve problems

Overdue items

You can renew an overdue item if no-one else has requested it.

Overdue points only apply to high use items.

To find out when your book is due, login to My account.

Item Overdue points Overdue points if on hold Long overdue invoices
2 hour loan (Reserve) 10 per hour overdue N/A* 3 days overdue
Laptop 10 per hour overdue N/A* 3 days overdue
1 day loan 10 per day overdue N/A* 7 days overdue
7 day loan 10 per day overdue 10 extra points per day overdue 7 days overdue
Zooms - high definition cameras 10 per day overdue 10 extra points per day overdue 8 days overdue
General loan N/A  10 points per day overdue 28 days overdue
BONUS+  10 per day overdue 10 extra points per day overdue 7 days overdue
Interlibrary Loans 10 per day overdue N/A 7 days overdue

*These high use items cannot be placed on hold.

If you have an item that is long overdue, we will email you an invoice. Please return the item, and pay the billing fee of $11.

Lost or damaged items

If you lose or damage an item, please contact us to discuss your options. You may be required to pay the replacement cost of the item. If so, we will send you an invoice for the replacement cost.

ItemFee Total (GST included)
Deakin Library item $66.00 or the actual amount of the item and pay:
$33.00 processing cost
$11.00 administration cost
Deakin Library item Supply a good quality secondhand copy and pay:
$33.00 processing cost
$11.00 administration cost
BONUS+ item AU$100.00 item replacement cost and pay:
AU$14.00 processing cost
AU$11.00 administration cost

Payment of invoices

You can pay your Library invoice online with your credit card. Or pay in person at Student Central by cheque, EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, or Deakin Card.

For questions or more information please email the .

If you don't contact us or make payment within 60 days of of the invoice date, borrowing restrictions may apply.


If you find your item within 30 days of paying for it, return it and ask for a refund of the item cost. We are unable to refund the processing and administration costs ($44). Contact the if you are seeking a refund.

Account errors

If your account is showing an item you:

  • didn't borrow
  • didn't receive
  • have already returned

Contact us as soon as possible so we can help resolve the issue.

Suspended borrowing and encumbrances

Our procedures for library use govern access to our resources. If you don't follow these guidelines, unfortunately, your access to a range of important services may be restricted.


If your total overdue points exceed 100, you will be suspended from borrowing for 2 weeks.


If your long overdue invoice is outstanding for 60 days, we will send an email reminder for you to make payment, or return the item. If you don't respond within 7 days, we will have to block your account.

This means you won't be able to:

  • borrow any items
  • have any online (IT) access to library resources
  • vary enrolments in any way
  • have approval to graduate
  • get re-enrolment information
  • access assessment results
  • access unit sites
  • get exam date or location advice - Cloud Campus students
  • receive course materials - Cloud Campus students.

Once you have paid your invoice, your access will be restored after 2 working days.

Review my problem

If you have:

  • received an invoice that you are unable to pay, or want to query
  • overdue points that you do not think are justified
  • a suspension for an invoice you have not paid

You can apply for a review of your situation. Contact us or submit an Application to Review.

Lost library card

  • Make sure you report the loss of your borrower's card to us as soon as possible.
  • You may be held responsible for card use before we are notified.

Contact Deakin Central for a replacement card.

Change your contact details

Remember to keep your details up to date so you receive borrowing notifications.

You can change your contact details:

  • students: in Student Connect
  • staff: in DeakinPeople
  • other members: contact us to change your address