Open Access and Copyright

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Open Access is the concept that free access is provided to research worldwide via the internet, including publicly funded research.

At Deakin University this is provided via DRO, where possible, and supported by the University's Research Conduct Policy, clause 53:

All research publications will be made open access, available to anyone on the web, except where this is restricted by copyright law and publisher policy. If researchers wish material to not be made publicly available they must lodge a request for it to be confidential.

Search over 14,000 full text articles and other research types through DRO's advanced search screen by selecting 'Open Access works only'. The openly accessible work is also clearly identified by the internationally recognised symbol Open Access logo from any search results screen.

Copyright and publishing

If you are the copyright owner and have retained all or some of your rights prior to publishing, you can submit your research to DRO. When you submit your work to DRO and sign a deposit agreement you still retain any rights that you had prior to deposit.

If you have assigned copyright to the publisher, DRO staff will still negotiate access to a version of the work with the publisher, through the repository.

DRO staff will:

  • check permission before allowing the work to be visible to the public
  • seek advice from the University Copyright Officer and/or the University Solicitor if required
  • assist with interpretation of what the publisher allows.

Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that permission has been obtained for items included in DRO. If you believe that your rights have been infringed by this repository, please contact

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