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2015-02-18 10:07:50

From Trimester 1 2015, students and staff will be able to book a Study Booth at the Melbourne Burwood Campus Library for 2 hour periods per day.

These booths are popular during peak times and we want to ensure everyone can enjoy them. 

You can book a Study Booth online or check its availability on the Library booking website.

If you want to know more or need help booking a booth, please contact us.

2015-01-19 15:37:09

Deakin University Library invites staff, students and interested communities to attend this session, featuring international guest speaker, Siva Vaidhyanathan and Deakin University speaker, Matthew Warren.

  • Where: Deakin University, Melbourne Burwood Campus, Burwood Corporate Centre, Level 2, Building BC, 221 Burwood Highway
  • Date: Friday 30 January, 2015
  • Time: 10.30 am, refreshments served, for an 11 am start (concludes at 12.30 pm)
  • RSVP: by Wednesday 28 January, 2015.

Professor Siva Vaidhyanathan
Robertson Professor of Media Studies at the University of Virginia.

The Cryptopticon: What it’s Like to Live in the New Surveillance Society

Since before 11 September 2001 many nation states had been hard at work developing sophisticated electronic surveillance systems to track not only known enemies but entire populations of citizens and non-citizens. The concepts of “Big Data” and “Data Mining” were new and unexplored in the 1990s. But the principles behind them, which have become such an important part of so many forms of commerce and governance, were instrumental in developing these systems.

Since the summer of 2013, when we first began learning of the depth, breadth, and details of global surveillance systems from the documents released by Edward Snowden, we have been able to piece together a picture of what our states are doing to us. But we have yet to develop an effective theory of surveillance that would help us mount criticism and resistance. This talk will explore what such a theory might look like.

Professor Matthew Warren
Associate Head of School (Research), School of Information and Business Analytics, Deakin University.

Data Retention and Australia

The Information Society has developed quickly since the end of the twentieth century. Many countries (including Australia) have been looking at a number of ways to protect their citizens against the risks associated with the Information Society.

The Australian Federal government in 2013 and 2014 proposed data retention as a possible method of protecting Australian society and aiding law enforcement. The aim of this presentation is to discuss what data retention is and detail some of the data retention related proposals. The presentation will review the issue of data retention in an Australian context and examine public submissions to the Federal Government enquiry in 2013 to identify the issues and concerns that different stakeholders had about the proposal.

2014-11-26 10:17:38

In an earlier news article, we let you know about our preparations to support the introduction of Elements, a new tool that will improve the management of your research publications and their deposit into Deakin Research Online (DRO).

We are pleased to announce that as of this week, Elements is up and running!

How do I access Elements?

Access Elements via the 'Submit Research' button on the DRO website. Alternatively, select this link:

Login using your Deakin username and password.

Once logged in, you will be able to:

  • View your publications.
  • Set up Elements to retrieve new publications that are not yet in DRO.
  • Create a new publication for inclusion in DRO from scratch.
  • Edit that same publication as many times as you want.
  • Upload metadata and full text publications to DRO.

I need help and training!

Don't worry, Elements help documentation is available via the Publications wiki

Training sessions have been booked for the next two weeks at your campus. Please refer to the Event Registration System for more details.

For more information about Elements please contact the implementation project manager, Veronica Moran at, or DRO Support via, phone 03 5227 2700.


2014-11-03 14:11:49

Keep up to date with your scholarly journals with BrowZine

BrowZine is an app that brings together key journals from across your discipline area into one convenient location. See the latest issues of journals such as Early Childhood Education Journal, Nature, The Modern Law Review and many more, as they are released.

By logging in with your Deakin username and password, the app provides access to a selection of Library-subscribed content, allowing you to browse journals by subject, create a personalised bookshelf and bring together content from multiple publishers and platforms.

Benefits of BrowZine

  • read complete scholarly journals, optimised for mobile devices
  • save specific articles for later reference and offline reading
  • receive alerts when new issues of your favourite journals are published
  • save articles to Zotero, Mendeley, Dropbox and other services

BrowZine is free, and available on the App Store and Google Play for your Apple and Android tablets and smartphones.

For more general information on BrowZine, visit the BrowZine homepage and knowledge base.

2014-10-13 09:26:00

What is Elements?

Elements is Deakin’s new collection and management tool for publications and research output.

Elements will help Deakin collect, manage and preserve publications in an efficient and effective manner, reducing the amount of time and effort spent on managing publications across the University, while increasing the number of publications that are discoverable via Deakin Research Online (DRO).

Why Elements? 

  • Elements is designed to reduce the amount of time and effort spent on managing publications across the University.
  • It provides streamlined entry of publications metadata into Deakin Research Online (DRO), Deakin’s digital repository for publications and scholarly output.

How does it work?

Elements regularly searches online publication databases such as Web of Science, Scopus and PubMed, for publications that may belong to you.

  • Elements will notify you when new publications are found.
  • These publications can easily be claimed or rejected via a simple one-click process.
  • Elements also allows publications to be entered manually if need be.
  • The metadata that describes your publication, along with an attached full text version, can then be uploaded to DRO.

What does this mean for you? 

Deakin University Library and eSolutions are responsible for the implementation of Elements.

As an active academic within the university, there are a few key tasks that you may need to perform within Elements in order to efficiently manage your publications through to DRO. Some of the key tasks include:

  • Claiming or rejecting publications when they are found by Elements.
  • Adding metadata to your publications, including Fields of Research classification codes, Socio-Economic Objective classification codes, and keyword tags.
  • Verifying or updating relationships with other Deakin academics for your publication, such as co-authorships, editors and contributors.
  • Uploading a full-text version of your publication to your Elements publication record, which will be displayed in DRO along with your publication metadata record.
  • Maintaining the search settings used to search online databases for your publications.

Additional benefits: 

  • View up-to-date impact metrics for your research output, including H-indexes, citation counts, and Altmetric scores.
  • View publication history by year and co-authorships with other Deakin academics.
  • The ability to import and export publications in standard formats, such as Endnote, Bibtex, Reference Manager, Word and CSV.
  • The ability to search within elements to discover other publications.

Elements also facilitates an efficient review process with your Faculty, and integrates tightly with DRO, to ensure that publications are discoverable in DRO as soon as possible after your research has been published.

Want more information?

Elements explained in 90 seconds:

If you are interested in receiving training, please contact DRO or your Faculty.

Key dates:

  • October 20-28, 2014*
    DRO will be unavailable for depositing research.
    DRO will still be available for searching.

  • October 29, 2014
    Elements will be implemented.

*Note that due to technical issues, this date has changed from October 24.

Comments or queries?

For assistance about using Elements, please contact DRO or your Faculty.


2014-10-10 12:51:19

With T2 exams about to start, there’s never been a better time to come into the Library.

You'll find quiet study spaces, collaborative group areas, and plenty of places to plug in and study - the Library has your study needs covered!

Book a room for studying

Using the Library online room booking tool, a few clicks is all it takes to reserve your study space. Jump online and book a room now.

Need help with your exam preparation?

Student Life’s Language and Learning Advisors are on-hand to help develop your study skills in areas relevant to exams, such as time management and essay writing.

Make an appointment with your Language and Learning Advisors, or just drop in for a chat. 

Past exam papers 

In addition to all the excellent resources available, the Library also provides access to past exam papers for a range of subjects, allowing you to get a feel for what your exams have in store for you.

To access the available past exam papers, simply enter your unit code in the Search box on the Library home page.

Please note that not all units have papers available. Examination papers are released to the Library by the Assessments and Graduations Group within the Division of Student Administration upon the instruction of Unit Chairs. 

Visit our Collection Guidelines page for more information.

Our friendly study tips

Exam time at your Library Exam time at your Library Exam time at your Library
Exam time at your Library Exam time at your Library Exam time at your Library
Exam time at your Library Exam time at your Library Exam time at your Library

2014-10-01 12:13:53

With the launch of ‘Your Device. Your Library’, the Library ran a competition aimed at finding out what students like about using their own devices in the library.

From wanting access to your own music and files while studying, to the convenience of being able to sit where you please and work away, your answers were certainly diverse!

The votes are in and the winning entry is from student Ashley Ryan:

Using my device allows me to 'take away' my learning. Anywhere on campus or just in the library I can work without barriers to access”.

Congratulations Ashley! Your $200 iTunes card will be making its way to you shortly!

Some of the other fantastic entries we received were:

  •  “I love using all my devices at the library, sometimes simultaneously because I can access all my files and Deakin resources at the same time!”


  • I always have access to the Internet, and don't have to "hope that there is a computer free" when I need it!”


  • “Using my own device helps me save a lot of time. It’s convenient and easy to access.”


  • “Listening to music, Social Media Apps to stay in touch with family and friends and it's a personal organiser.”

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone for providing valuable insight into why you enjoying bringing your own devices to the University and the Library.

2014-10-01 11:59:58

Discover this niche collection of Australasian film and literature

Australasian Literature Online provides access to rare creative writing from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. The collection includes fiction, non-fiction and poetry, from 1930s to the present.

Asian Film Online provides documentaries and films from Asian Counties, including Australia and the Pacific. The collection offers a fascinating glimpse into cultures rarely depicted in mainstream media, and a chance to access many hard to find films from non-English speaking cultures.

Join us to learn more, including:

  • discover the unique collections
  • find poetry and fiction from Australia and the Pacific
  • search and find rare films
  • create a clip
  • link to a film in CloudDeakin.


Wednesday 29 October, 11.30 am - 12.00 pm


Via videoconference from the following rooms:

  • Geelong Waterfront Campus Library - Meeting Room D3.321
  • Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus Library - Meeting Room Jc3.001, Level 3
  • Melbourne Burwood Campus Library - Meeting Room V3.76                                
  • Warrnambool Campus Library - Meeting Room B107, Level 1


Marina Minns
Liaison Librarian
+61 3 92446065




2014-09-10 12:10:11

Thank you for supporting Indigenous Literacy Day!

Thank you to everyone who supported the Great Book Swap last week to celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day!

A total of $238 was raised for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to help their work improving the literacy levels of Indigenous Australians living in remote and isolated regions. This is done by providing books and other literary resources for children living in these communities and raising broad community awareness of Indigenous literacy issues.

2014-09-03 14:25:39

Enhance your study with VEA streamed videos.

VEA provides:
•    Australian video content
•    online access via your mobile device
•    a new platform and special features

This resource is perfect for anyone looking for videos in the fields of Health, Nursing, Technology, Design, Teaching and many more!

Join us to learn more, including how to:
•    embed a video for cloud learning
•    create clips and playlists
•    link to interesting content

Monday 15 September, 10:30-11:00

Via videoconference from the following rooms:

Geelong Waterfront Campus Library - Meeting Room D3.321                                                             
Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus Library - Meeting Room Jc3.001, Level 3
Melbourne Burwood Campus Library - Meeting Room V3.76                                                          
Warrnambool Campus Library - Meeting Room B107, Level 1

Louisa Sher
Liaison Librarian
+61 3 92446312