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Want a break? Why not download a new e-book now?

2013-04-08 14:37:39

Introducing our new e-book platform, OverDrive.

OverDrive gives you on-the-go access to a great range of recreational e-books. You can browse through hundreds of fiction and non-fiction titles, including graphic novels and Lonely Planet guides.

It allows you to access and borrow a large selection of titles in a variety of disciplines, including business, health, history and performing arts.

This new, easy-to-use platform means you can take your latest read with you, to access when you like.

The collection includes practical titles on cooking, decision-making and studying, as well as some light relief titles including a humour selection by authors like Zach Braff, Corrine Grant and Charlie Pickering.

Jump in and get started by visiting

Get the best advice and information on how to use this platform by viewing our specially designed Library Resource Guide.

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