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OPAL: Open access and licensing

2013-06-19 14:41:53

Second stage now live!

Looking for information on how to make your research openly accessible? Not sure where to start? OPAL can now help you!

What is OPAL?

Open Access and Licensing (OPAL) is an online resource designed to help you understand and manage your rights and responsibilities as users and creators of information and learning resources.

OPAL has been developed by specialists in the Library and Deakin Learning Futures. They have distilled the key information in this complex area to help you maximise your research time.

OPAL can help you:

  • understand options for providing open access to your research
  • manage your rights when you publish and share your research
  • make informed and responsible choices when using other people’s copyright material
  • discover open research, data and educational resources.

Where to start?

Explore OPAL now and discover the updated range of resources, tools, links and more!

Need help?

Contact your Liaison Librarian for more information or to provide feedback to improve future versions of this resource.