Digital Literacy student tutorials

The Library brings you a range of resources to help build your Digital Literacy skills. 

You might have seen that Digital Literacy is one of Deakin University's Graduate Learning Outcomes, or GLOs, but what does that mean? The Library has prepared a great range of resources and tools to help you understand it. 

What is Digital Literacy? 

At Deakin, Digital Literacy is defined as "using technologies to find, use and disseminate information". 

Digital literacy skills help you to locate and fully utilise critical information sources for your assessments and to communicate your own information and ideas using the most appropriate technologies for your discipline. Digital Literacy knowledge helps you to understand your rights and those of other authors and how to find resources that are copyright-free.

The Library has created a range of Digital Literacy resources, including videos and interactive tutorials, designed to increase your understanding and skills related to this Deakin University Graduate Learning Outcome.

Explore the suite of Digital Literacy resources, where you can:

  • learn about Digital Literacy and how using these skills can help you succeed at university
  • engage in our interactive tutorials to increase your digital literacy skills
  • get ongoing support from expert library staff.

Start exploring the range of resources available now.

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