Deakin University Library


Library Search upgrade

2013-12-13 10:05:34

The latest upgrade to Library Search brings with it a number of improvements that will make searching, finding and accessing resources easier.

What are the new features?

  • When you login to My Library, you are no longer taken to Classic catalogue - instead, you stay in Library Search.
  • When you browse the catalogue, items you already have on hold will be flagged in the search results.
  • There is now an up-front ‘Additional actions’ menu that makes it easy to Request, add items to your book cart, email citations, and export to EndNote.
  • The publication facet now lets you put in a range of dates.
  • Library search now features a Deakin header, making navigation more consistent.

Can't view the new features?

You may need to refresh your browser. Please try:

  • Selecting F5 on your keyboard
  • Selecting the Shift key while selecting the Refresh icon on your browser.

Please Contact the Library if you have any further queries.

We trust you will enjoy the new functionality that the latest release brings!