Plan for your end of year break

Opening hours

Check our opening hours during the holiday season to contact us for help, or plan a visit to study in air-conditioned comfort.

Amid the public holidays and University closure at the end of the year, remember you can still access resources online, 24/7.

Simply go to Library Search and you’re just a couple of clicks away from electronic resources including journals, e-books, and a whole lot more.

Going away for the break?

If your end of year plans include a change of scenery, and working on your T3 assignments, you’re probably on the lookout for Wi-Fi and a space to study.

As a Deakin student, you have access to free Wi-Fi through Eduroam at any academic library in Australia. Simply find an academic library near you and connect to Eduroam. You may even want to borrow books while you’re there.

No uni’s near your getaway? Public libraries are also a great place to study, access resources, and connect to the Wi-Fi. Switch on your location services to find a public library near you.

Your holiday reading list

Make the most of the intra-trimester break; borrow one of our books and choose your escape.

We have a whole range of bestsellers, novels and biographies in our Reading Nook collection to peak your interest, or help you relax over the holidays.

Search the Reading Nook titles to find out what’s on offer, or if you’ve got a specific title in mind, follow our guide to find and borrow your book.