Top 3 Library resources for T3

If ‘good things come in threes’ and ‘third time lucky’ is a thing, you could afford to be superstitious about the number 3.

But you won’t need luck if you’re using these resources, you’ll have the tools to find great content for your T3 assignments.

The Library in DeakinSync

You’re probably used to visiting DeakinSync for all kinds of University information and tasks. But did you know the Library section has the best parts of our website, as well as recommended resources for the units you’re enrolled in?

You can also get a quick snapshot of your borrowing account, search for items, and get updates on workshops, events and new resources.

Resource Guides

Find recommended articles, websites, videos, images and papers for the subjects you’re enrolled in. Our Resource Guides combine the best tips and information for your chosen field in one hub of useful references.

Search them today, and bookmark your favourites for easy access throughout the trimester.

Helpful Library staff

It’s a bit of a fallacy that people work in libraries because they love books. The truth is, library staff love connecting people to information. Without those connections, what’s the point of a library?

So ask us for help at the desk, or get in touch with the Library when you’re stuck and need answers.

Cloud Campus students shouldn’t feel left out either: the Library is ready to support you from wherever you’re studying.

Remember, the Library has more than just books, there’s a whole range of resources you can access.