Talk to a library expert any time of day

Have you ever gotten stuck while you were working on a project in the middle of the night?

You might find yourself stumped on a research question, scrambling to find a resource or unsure about a citation – but if it’s 3am, who’s going to help?

Why, the Deakin Library, of course.

Since T2, the Library Chat service has gone fully 24/7, ensuring you can get an answer to your question any time of the day or night. Just click on the green logo at the bottom of your screen and we’ll be with you in moments.

Our expert staff answer all types of queries, and no question is too obvious or small. Here are some that have come through in the past few days:

  • I am having trouble finding some articles. Are you able to help me with that?
  • Hi, I want to know how to start my assignment. I need 'academic journals' regarding [topic].
  • I am a Deakin College student and I’m wondering how I can access the things available to me.
  • Could you teach me how to put a book on hold?
  • Why can’t I renew my book?
  • I’m looking for research on [topic] but when I search the catalogue, there are too many results to go through. Can you help me?

Get in touch with us anytime, and we’ll do our best to answer your question or refer you to the division that can.