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Create and manage your researcher profiles online with the help of this guide.

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Assess your digital footprint
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Update existing author profiles

Upon publishing, some author profiles may have been automatically created for you in the following tools:


Check that the details are current

Promote Deakin University

Raise research profile

Increase citations

Connect/collaborate with researchers

Communicate research results widely

Support reuse by other researchers


Check your publications are up to date


Check that details are current & consolidate multiple identifiers into one


Generate citation data accurately

Increase Scopus h-index

Create researcher profile in the following tools


Deakin Staff Profiles

* Required (instructions)

Provide a summary of your research interests and publications. Your Deakin staff profile page is often a top hit in Google searches



* Very strongly recommended (instructions)

Author name disambiguation


Google Scholar

* Strongly recommended (instructions)

Accumulate all publications in one place

Google h-index and citation information



* Strongly recommended (instructions)

Author name disambiguation

Web of Science citation counts, h-index

Identify possible collaborators

Need help? Contact your Liaison Librarian or Research Librarian or visit our online guide.

Is an online researcher profile right for you?

Things to consider:

  1. Audience and Reach: Does this platform engage the audience intended for your research?
  2. Profile Security and Control: Can I control what content on my profile is publicly available or privately shared within closed groups?
  3. Peer Engagement: Are there peer commentary, editing and collaboration potentials within this platform?
  4. Trust and Reputation: Can my scholarly identity be verified and certified through this platform?
  5. Trend and Networks: Do my scholarly peers engage with my work in this platform and are they using it?
  6. Privacy and Transparency: What are the privacy settings and how is my metadata being used by this company?
  7. Impact Reporting: Does the platform have reporting and summary features that easily allow me to quantify the impact of my work?
  8. Publisher Considerations: Do academic publishers consider ‘works in progress’ disseminated through these sites as prior publication of the work?

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Author profile instructions

Google Scholar Profile

  1. Go to Google Scholar
  2. Click on 'My Citations'
  3. Login to your personal Google account (or create one if you don’t already have one). Google recommends you use a personal account (not your employers account) so you can keep your profile.
  4. Conmplete the form (you need to include your university email address for inclusion in Google Scholar search results) and click 'Next Step'
  5. Google scholar will provide you a list of publications which it thinks belong to you. 
    1. Click on 'See all Articles' to select individual articles. Scroll through the list and deselect any publications which are not yours.
    2. If any of your publications are missing, click 'Search articles' to perform a search in Google Scholar to add each of your remaining articles. Click Add to select articles.
  6. Choose whether you want Google to automatically add new publications to your profile or whether you want to do so manually. 
    • Allowing Google to automatically add new publications can save you time but may erroneously add publications that aren’t yours (especially if you have a common name). You also always have the option of manually searching for and adding publications to your profile.
  7. Review your profile, upload a photo, and go to your university email to click on the verification link. Once you are satisfied with your profile, make it public so it appears in Google Scholar search results.

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Consolidate multiple Scopus Author identifiers

  1. Do an 'Author search' in Scopus for your name
  2. Check the results list. If there is no duplication of your name, and all of your publications
    indexed in Scopus are attributed to only one profile, no action is needed. If there are multiple versions of your name which contain your work, tick the boxes next to each author identifier and then click 'Request to merge authors'.
  3. Follow the steps in the 'Author Feedback Wizard' to merge the author profiles (Click 'Start' to begin).

NB: Changes will not immediately appear in Scopus but will usually be visible within a few weeks.

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  1. Go to ORCID and click on 'Register now'.
  2. Fill in the required fields and then click 'Register'.
  3. You will receive an email with a link to verify the account
  4. Follow the instructions in the email and login to your account.
  5. Click on 'Account Settings' to further edit/add to your profile (link to other profiles like Scopus, ResearcherID or LinkedIn).


  1. Go to ResearcherID and click on 'Join Now It's Free'.
  2. Enter your details and click submit.
  3. You will receive an email with a link to complete your registration
  4. Login to your profile and click on 'Manage Profile' to further edit/add to your profile (e.g. add publications, keywords describing your research area, links to other professional online profiles etc.)

Deakin Staff Profile

  1. Go to the Deakin Profile System
  2. Click on 'My Profile' to edit your profile (changes get approved by the relevant organisational area). Click on the relevant tab to edit information related to that field (i.e. General, Professional, Academic, Profile Picture).
  3. You can make changes to any field that has an 'Edit' link next to it. Click 'Edit' next to the field you want to update, enter your information and click 'Save'
    • Some data is sourced from the HR system, to update that information you will need to contact the Human Resource Services Division
  4. Once you have made all the changes you want, click on the Changes tab, check the box next to each change you want to submit and then click Submit selected changes for approval