Tools to track and analyse citations

Want to track the work of authors, influence of papers or trajectory of research ideas? Then you need to perform a citation analysis - by tracking references to a paper, author or journal. You can use those metrics to measure research impact.

The easiest way to monitor references is with a bibliometric citation tracking tool. Here are our top 3.


Scopus offers a broad index of citations to peer-reviewed serial publications in scientific, technical, medical and social science literature between 1970-1996.

Web of Science

Web of Science index citations to influential publications in the natural sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar generates citations for many fields of research, providing users with the most comprehensive count of citations. The indexation selection criteria is not clear which has some implications on the reliability of this tool. You can search for data on individual articles, but not serials such as journals.

For free citation analysis using Google Scholar us the Publish or Perish software.

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