Deakin Research Online (DRO)

DRO is a secure open access institutional repository which stores, manages, indexes, preserves and showcases research outputs produced by Deakin University researchers, staff and higher degree research students, making it discoverable throughout the world.

  • Where possible it provides either a PDF attachment or direct link to research output.
  • It supports research reporting requirements such as the Higher Education Research Data Collection.
  • It assists researchers in keeping their web page and CV up to date.
  • It speeds up scholarly communication and dissemination (no publishing delays).
  • If full text is supplied, it fulfils government and funding body open access requirements.

Benefits of showcasing research in DRO include:

  • increasing visibility and collaboration of research
  • facilitates discovery through search engines such as Google Scholar and is harvested through TROVE and OAIster
  • enables re-use of research
  • boosts citation counts
  • increases impact of research.

Submitting your work in DRO

Determine if the research output can be stored in DRO. At least one of the author/creators must be a current Deakin University employee or higher degree research student. If so you can submit your research via DRO.

Deakin Research Online deposit agreement

We encourage researchers to sign a DRO deposit agreement (PDF, 123KB), so we can investigate making published or post print versions of the work openly accessible.

The DRO team has experience working with publisher permissions and always checks compliance before allowing approved versions of the research to be made visible to the public.

Which version should I deposit?

In most cases, publishers do not allow published version of the work to be made visible, but many will permit post print version of works to be made openly accessible.

When submitting you will need to attach the following versions:

  • The published version as supplied by the publisher.
  • The accepted manuscript or post print, refers to your last version, accepted by the publisher, corrected after peer review but with no copy editing or formatting by the publisher.

For further assistance and information on getting published through DRO please contact

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