Deakin, Alfred
Papers, 1804-1973
MS 1540 Canberra: National Library of Australia

Deakin, Alfred
Papers of Alfred Deakin, 1804-1973 (1880-1919) [microfilm]
DU ADPML SPALF 994.041092 Dea/Poa

Books by Alfred Deakin

"And be one People": Alfred Deakin's Federal Story
Carlton South: Melbourne University Press, 1995

The Crisis in Victorian Politics, 1879-1881: a Personal Retrospect
Carlton: Melbourne University Press, 1957

The Federal Story: the Inner History of the Federal Cause 1880-1900
Carlton: Melbourne University Press, 1963

Federated Australia: Selections From Letters to the Morning Post 1900-1910
Carlton: Melbourne University Press, 1968

Irrigated India: an Australian View of India and Ceylon, their Irrigation and Agriculture
London: W. Thacker & Co, 1893

La Nauze, J.A. & Nurser, Elizabeth eds.
Walter Murdoch and Alfred Deakin on "Books and Men": Letters and Comments, 1900-1918
Carlton: Melbourne University Press, 1974

A New Pilgrim's Progress
Melbourne: Terry, 1877

Quentin Massys: a Drama in Five Acts
Melbourne: Printed by J.P. Donaldson, 1875

Temple and Tomb in India
Melbourne: Melville, Mullen and Slade, 1893

Resources about Alfred Deakin

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A Family Romance: the Deakins at home
Carlton: Melbourne University Press, 1996

Alfred Deakin and Federation

1901 And All That: a federation resource kit
Canberra: National Archives of Australia, 2000

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[Adelaide]: Law School, University of Adelaide, 1998-2001

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Resources by and about the family of Alfred Deakin

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Rivett, Rohan
David Rivett: fighter for Australian science, Camberwell, Vic: R.D. Rivett, 1972

Thornton, Kristen
Pattie Deakin: from Prime Minister's Wife to 'Intercessor-in-Chief' (63 KB) ( PDF , 63kb) Paper read at the third Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Library Conference
Adelaide, 28-30 September 2005

White, T.W.
Guests of the Unspeakable: the odyssey of an Australian airman - being a record of captivity and escape in Turkey, London: John Hamilton, 1928

White, T.W.
Sky Saga: a story of Empire airmen
Melbourne: Hutchinson, 1943

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