Use of the ADPML and Special Collections


The Alfred Deakin Prime Ministerial Library Collections and the Special Collections are not generally available for loan. The exception is material in the Genealogy Collection, which may be requested through intercampus loan. However all other material may be used inside the Library. The Library seeks to make this material as accessible as possible, while at the same time providing for the long-term preservation of the collection. Items may be consulted in the ADPML reading room, level 1, Sally Walker Building, Geelong Waterfront Campus during opening hours.

Intercampus Loan

Genealogy Collection material is available for borrowing and may be requested through intercampus loan. Other material may be requested by Deakin University staff and students for consultation at another campus library but access will be at the discretion of the Curator and Librarian, who will take into consideration the vulnerability and fragility of the item.

Copying and Copyright

For users of the collections, photocopying is generally possible, depending upon the condition of the work to be copied and the amount of copying to be done. Alternate arrangements may be made for items that are unable to be photocopied. Personal digital cameras may be used, although for good quality images, photographic or digital copying can be arranged; enquiries should be directed to the Curator and Librarian, email:

Any copying of any kind must comply with current copyright regulations and, in accordance with commonly held practice, users are requested to attribute any use of material. For copyright reasons, unpublished archival and manuscript material is generally not available for copying by any means.

Identifying Material in the Catalogue

Items are identified in the catalogue by the following prefixes:

The following collections are open access collections and are available from the open shelves in the ADPML reading room.
ADPML REF Reference Collection held on open shelves in the reading room; includes recent material on Alfred Deakin, his times and Federation. Also includes other Prime Ministers and the Australian Government since Federation.
ADPML GENEA Genealogy Collection held on open shelves in the reading room.
ADPML MFCHE Microfiche Collection. Open access, held in microform storage cabinets in the reading room.
ADPML MFILM Microfilm Collection. Open access, held in microform storage cabinets in the reading room.

The following collections have restricted access. They are located in a closed archive stack and must be requested.
ADPML ARCH Alfred Deakin Archive Collection, consisting of government material, reports etc. from the period 1850-1920, and other historic publications dealing with the themes of the time that influenced Alfred Deakin, e.g. governance, defence, religion etc.
ADPML LIBR Alfred Deakin's Library; a recreation of Alfred Deakin's personal collection. It consists of titles from Alfred Deakin's personal library at the time of his death, in editions contemporary with him (some personal copies are also held).
ADPML MSS Manuscript Collection, consisting of primary material such as letters, pictures and objects.
ADPML SPWV Western Victoria Collection.
ADPML SPGEL Geelong Lawyers' Collection.
ADPML SPC Special Collection Rare Books
ADPML SPCHL Children's Literature Research Collection
ADPML SPTXT Australian Schools Textbook Collection
ADPML SPLGA The Louis Goldberg Collection
ADPML SPMC Australian Multicultural Literature Collection
ADPML SPMSS Manuscript Collection
ADPML SPPAM Pamphlet Collection
ADPML SPFOL Special Collection Folios
ADPML SPDU Deakin University Archival Collection
ADPML SPMAP Special Collection Maps / Posters
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