Vietnam War

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Scope and content note

The Bob Scates Vietnam War archive is concerned with conscription and the National Service Act in Australia. The collection includes material compiled by Scates in research for his book Draftmen go free (1988).

Scates was a draft resister during the Vietnam War and spent a period of time in prison. He was released following election of the Whitlam government (December, 1972).

The collection includes correspondence from Scates' time in Pentridge prison, a series of drafts for his book, as well as copies of various anti-war publications, newspaper clippings and other printed material.

Materials collected relate to organisations such as the Draft Resisters Union and Save Our Sons movement, as well as the Australian Labor Party.  Notes from interviews with other draft resisters and activists are also included, as well as some copies of documents issued under the Freedom of Information Act.

Manuscript material is arranged in a numbered series and further divided into specific folders. The collection consists of two boxes. Further detail can be found in the lists below.

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Series 1: Collection notes

1.1 Collection notes

This file contains acquisition details for the collection, including a note written by Bob Scates, 1989. Also included here is correspondence regarding donations made by Scates to organisations such as the Australian War Memorial and the State Library of Victoria.

Series 2: Correspondence

2.1 General correspondence

This file includes correspondence from Scates' time at Pentridge prison. Contained in the collection is a letter written to Bob Scates from Paul Slape (1972), organiser of the Municipal Employees Union. This series also includes correspondence concerning the research and publication of Scates' book Draftmen go free.

Description Date Folder / Item no.
J. G. Gorton to J. Walker (photocopy) 1969 2.1/1
Attorney-General's department, Canberra to Director-General of Social Welfare, 'case of Commonwealth prisoner Robert Geoffrey Scates' (copy issued under freedom of information) 1972 2.1/2
John Lloyd, Vietnam Moratorium Campaign to "all affiliated organizations" (includes petition statement) 1972 2.1/3a-b
Bob Scates, letter to the Editor (the Age) 1972 2.1/4
Bob Scates to unidentified 1972 2.1/5
Jean McIvor to Bob Scates (telegram) 1972 2.1/6
Telegram envelopes (envelopes are stamped "censored") 1972 2.1/7a-f
Peter Graf to Bob Scates (postcard) 1972 2.1/8
Betty Jones & Meredith to Bob [Scates] (photocopy) 1972 2.1/9a-b
Bob Scates to Mum [Norma Scates] 1972 2.1/10a-c
"Sebastian Sebastapol" to R. Scates (includes a magazine clipping: 'Re: F. Robinson and B. Pola and La Trobe University' 1972 2.1/11a-b
List of signatures for Bob Scates, Monash University open day 1972 2.1/12
Joseph Erftemeyer to Bob [Scates] (photocopy) 1972 2.1/13a-b
Ian Smith, Minister for Social Welfare to N. Scates (copy issued under freedom of information) 1972 2.1/14
Bob [Scates] to M, D, Mike, [unclear], Bruce, Karen etc. 1972 2.1/15
George Poyser and Bill Harley to Bob Scates (telegram) 1972 2.1/16
Ian Smith, Minister for Social Welfare to N. Scates (copy issued under freedom of information) 1972 2.1/17
Paul Slape to Robert Scates 1972 2.1/18a-b
McIvor to Bob Scates (telegram) 1972 2.1/19
Graham, Jan, Peter, Monty, Scott & others to Robert Scates (telegram) 1972 2.1/20
Alison to R. Scates (telegram) 1972 2.1/21
Frank Crean to Robert Scates (telegram) 1972 2.1/22
Bill Brown to R. Scates (with envelope) 1972 2.1/23a-b
Jim Cairns to Bob Scates (telegram) 1972 2.1/24
Peter Wilenski to R. Scates (with envelope) 1973 2.1/25a-b
Ian Smith, Minister for Social Welfare to Robert Scates (photocopy) 1973 2.1/26
Steve Daley, Assistant to Senator Michael Tate, to Mr B. Scales [Scates] (includes copy of a press release and notice of motion) 1973 2.1/27a-d
R. G. Scates to Gareth Evans, Attorney General, Parliament House 1973 2.1/28
B. S. Jeffress, Attorney General's Department to R. G. Scates 1983 2.1/29
Bob Scates to Clyde Holding, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs 1983 2.1/30
J. S. Gilchrist (for Commonwealth Crown Solicitor) to R. G. Scates 1983 2.1/31
B. S. Jeffress, Attorney General's Department to R. B. Scates 1983 2.1/32
R. F. E. Jensen, Freedom of Information Officer, Victoria Police to R. G. Scates (photocopy) 1983 2.1/33
Brian to Bob [Scates] 1984 2.1/34a-b
Unidentified to Teilia, Joanne, Kevin and Karen (with note pad) 1985 2.1/35a-c
Michelle Johnston, Greenhouse publications to Bob Scates 1987 2.1/36
Dorothy and Les to Bob [Scates] 1987 2.1/37a-b
Bob Scates to Don Drummond, Dove Collins (photocopy) 1988 2.1/38
Dead Set Publishing and Information Services to Bob Scates (invoices and copies) 1988 2.1/39a-j
Shelagh Goonewardene to [Bob Scates] 1988 2.1/40
Elizabeth Webby, ASAL to B. Scates 1988 2.1/41
Damien Kingsbury to Bob [Scates] 1988 2.1/42
John Iremonger, Allen and Unwin to Bob Scates 1988 2.1/43
[Michael Bermingham] to Andrew (photocopy) n.d. 2.1/44a-b
Laurie Aarons, Left Book Club Project to Michael (photocopy) n.d. 2.1/45a-b
Ann-Mari Jordens, Australian War Memorial to Bob Scates (photocopy) n.d. 2.1/46
Bob Scates to Senator Michael Tate, Parliament House n.d. 2.1/47
Elizabeth Webby to [Bob Scates] n.d. 2.1/48
[Norma Scates to Robert Scates] (incomplete and with news clipping) n.d. 2.1/49
Unidentified to Bob [Scates] n.d. 2.1/50
Unidentified to Bob and family n.d. 2.1/51
Ian Turner to Joe and friends of Monash D. R. (copy) n.d. 2.1/52a-c

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Series 3: Book drafts

3.1 Draft men go free

Included here are a series of handwritten and typed drafts with editorial notes. Miscellaneous notes include writing grant application information, a book synopsis and a publisher's business card with notes on the back.

Description Folder no.
Handwritten drafts, c. 1983-1984 3.1.1
First typed drafts, c. 1983-1987 3.1.2
Drafts with editorial notes 3.1.3 - 3.1.8
Typescript 3.1.9
Miscellaneous notes 3.1.10

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Series 4: Printed material

Printed material includes general publications (4.1); leaflets and flyers (4.2); and newspaper clippings (4.3).

4.1 General publications

Newsletters and other publications, including a copy of Scates' book "Draftmen go free" : a history of the anti-conscription movement in Australia, 1988.

Description Folder / Item no.
Action: publication of the socialist left of the ALP, Carlton South: ISOC, no. 36 (Dec. 1972) 4.1.1/1
Anti-war fuel, Melbourne: Congress for International Co-operation and Disarmament, v. 1, no. 8 (Dec. 1972) 4.1.1/2
Australian army pocket book: information for national servicemen, Canberra: Federal Capital Press, 1971 4.1.1/3
Fight the draft, [Clayton, Vic.]: Monash Draft Resistance, (Jul. 1971); Vol. 2:2, 2:4, 2:6- 2:11, 2:14, 2:16; no. 18(1972)-20(1972), no. 22(1972) 4.1.1/4-18
Findlay, T. The present status of disarmament research: working paper no. 38, Canberra: Peace Research Centre, Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University, 1988 4.1.1/19
Good weekend: the age magazine, Sydney: John Fairfax, 10 December, 1988 4.1.2/1
Kampuchea under foreign occupation: the struggle progresses, Canberra: Cambodian Information Office, n.d. 4.1.2/2
McKee, Christopher, 'The pathology of a profession: death in the United States, navy officer corps, 1797-1815' War and society, Campbell, A.C.T.: Department of History, University of New South Wales, v. 3, no. 1 (May, 1985) 4.1.2/3
Oracle '74, Clayton, Vic.: Monash Law Students Society (Oct. 1974) 4.1.2/4
Pacific research: a periodical of the peace research centre, Canberra: Australian National University, v. 1, no. 1, (Aug. 1988); v. 1, no. 2, (Nov. 1988); v. 2, no. 1 (Feb. 1989) 4.1.3/1-3
Pepper, William F. 'The children of Vietnam' A ramparts extra, Potts point, N.S.W: Liberal Reform, 1967, reprinted from Ramparts Magazine, Jan. 4.1.4/1
Resist, Highett, Vic.: Draft Resisters Union, v. 2, no. 1-v.2 no.5; v. 4, no. 6 (1970) 4.1.4/2-7
[Rabelais/Farrago/Lot's wife, combined issue], Melbourne: LaTrobe Students' Representative Council; Melbourne Students' Representative Council; Monash Association of Students, May, 1970 (incomplete) 4.1.4/8
Ramparts, Berkeley: Noah's Ark, v. 10, no. 1 (Jul. 1971) 4.1.4/9
Scates, Bob "Draftmen go free" : a history of the anti-conscription movement in Australia, [Richmond, Vic.: Bob Scates, 1988] 4.1.5/1
Socialist fight, Melbourne: Socialist Fight, no. 22 (Jun. 1983) 4.1.5/2
Vietnam: it's still America's war, Melbourne: CICD Anti-War Centre, Oct. 1974 4.1.5/3
Y. L. A. newsletter (July edition p. 5-6), n.d. 4.1.5/4

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4.2 Leaflets & flyers

Advertising material, including pamphlets about conscription and the National Service Act. Flyers promote anti-war events and demonstrations. Some advertising material promotes books on the Vietnam war.

Description Folder / Item no.
Australia's war in Vietnam [by] Frank Frost, [North Sydney]: Allen & Unwin, n.d. (order form, 2 copies) 4.2/1-2
Conscription: the case for non compliance in 1971, Highett: Draft Resisters Union, [1971] 4.2/3
Demonstrate at Elsternwick court on March 19th - 9:45 am, Elwood: Robert Scates, n.d. 4.2/4
Don't register! Highett: [Draft Resisters Union] n.d. 4.2/5
Don't register for national service, Melbourne: John Lloyd & Jean McLean, n.d. 4.2/6
Draft resistance dinner [Friends of the underground], n.d. (leaflet) 4.2/7
Forthcoming titles from Allen and Unwin Australia, North Sydney: Allen and Unwin, [1988] 4.2/8
Go ahead for peace reception, Melbourne: Congress for International Co-operation and Disarmament, n.d. 4.2/9
Nixon! - Get the hell out of Vietnam! Nixon! - Get the hell out of Australia! Prahran: Worker Student Alliance, n.d. 4.2/10
The pacific review: announcing a new journal for 1988, Oxford: Oxford University Press, [1988] 4.2/11
Seminar: [guest speaker Professor Gunther Kaiser] Melbourne: [Jane Hutcheon], 1984 4.2/12
Signatures in support of Australian Trade Union bans [on] U.S. ships and companies [to] help stop the war, [Melbourne: Congress for International Co-operation and disarmament & Vietnam Moratorium Campaign Executive] n.d. (partial) 4.2/13
Text of telegram sent by the Cambodian Prime Minister of R.G.N.U.C to the Friends of Cambodia on August 6 1973, Bulleen: Friends of Cambodia, [1973] 4.2/14
Vietnam Moratorium 10th anniversary celebration: May 8, 1980 (card, personal note on reverse), [1980] 4.2/15
Whitlam and Hawke invite you to St. Kilda Town Hall: Thursday, Nov. 30th at 8p.m. Nth Melbourne: Stockland Press, [1972] 4.2/16
Worker to be jailed: demonstrate Dec 3 Treasury Gdns. Nov. 17 City Square, [1971] (3 copies: 1 partial) 4.2/19
'Draftmen go free' a history of resistance to conscription and the Vietnam war, [Ascot Vale: Robert Scates], n.d. (leaflet / order form) 4.2/20

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4.3 Newspaper clippings

Clippings and photocopies of newspaper articles are arranged by subject. Copies made to preserve some articles are included here. The collection includes a clipping entitled "Anti-Conscription Rally" the Warrnambool Standard, 1972 (Folder no. 4.3.3).

Description Folder no.
Vietnam general 4.3.1
Conscription general 4.3.2
Anti-Vietnam war protests and activism 4.3.3
Draft resisters 4.3.4
ALP, Vietnam war and foreign policy (includes articles on Barry Johnston, draft resister) 4.3.5
Vietnam veterans 4.3.6
Miscellaneous clippings 4.3.7

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Series 5: Conferences

This series includes conference papers (5.1); and miscellaneous conference material (5.2).

5.1 Conference papers

Description Folder / Item no.
Lloyd, Clem & Rees, Jacqueline 'Repatriation and Australia', [presented at the Australian War Memorial History Conference, Canberra, 6-10 July, 1987] 5.1/1
Marshall, Ric 'Recovery from Vietnam: a Vietnam veterans counselling service perspective', presented at the Australian War Memorial History Conference [Canberra] 6-10 July, 1987 5.1/2
Popple, Jeff 'A wary welcome: the political reaction to the demobilisation of the AIF', presented at the Australian War Memorial History Conference [Canberra] 6-10 July, 1987 5.1/3
Ross, Jane 'The Vietnam war: varieties  of meaning', presented at the Australian War Memorial History Conference [Canberra] 6-10 July, 1987 5.1/4
Scates, Bob '[Paper for April 1987 - Vietnam conference]', presented at the Conference on Australia and the Vietnam war, Macquarie University, 29 April, 1987 5.1/5

5.2 Miscellaneous conference material

Description Folder / Item no.
[Macquarie 1987 Conference on Australia and the Vietnam war] Wednesday April 29 (conference program) 5.2/1
Macquarie 1987 Conference on Australia and the Vietnam war (program and registration form) 5.2/2
Vietnam conference - Macquarie 1987, general information 5.2/3
Australian War Memorial History Conference, list of participants 5.2/4
Australian Historical Association Conference 1988, University of Sydney 8 - 13 February (program) 5.2/5
Australian Military History 1788-1988, Military Historical Society of Australia (conference advertisement) 5.2/6

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Series 6: General research

Material is arranged as follows: draft resisters (6.1); Save our Sons (6.2); ALP conference reports (6.3); Hansard (6.4); public statements (6.5); Draft Resisters Union (6.6); anti-conscription material (6.7); general articles (6.8); research notes (6.9); resource lists (6.10); miscellaneous research material (6.11).

6.1 Draft resisters

Folder 6.1 contains a collection of articles and other documents about individual draft resisters, including some personal statements. Some copies of documents are issued under freedom of information.

Names include: Karl Armstrong, Brian Currie, Laurie Carmichael, Tony Dalton, John Joseph Erftemeyer, Robert Hall, Michael Hamel-Green, Peter Hornby, Charles Martin, Michael Matteson, David Monaghan, Graham Mowbray, David, Mowbray, Robert Mowbray, Geoff Mullen, Denis O'Donnell, Bruce Palling, Brian Ross, Robert Scates, Stephen Townsend, John Zarb.

6.2 Save Our Sons

A collection of photocopied documents relating to the Save Our Sons movement. Includes copies of newspaper articles and letters written by committee members. Members mentioned include: Joan Coxsedge, Alice Hammerly and Jean McLean. 

6.3 ALP conference reports

Selected copies of Australian Labor Party conference reports and agenda items, 1965-1970.

6.4 Hansard

Selected copies of parliamentary proceedings relating to international affairs, including defence and national service 1957-1980.

6.5 Public statements

Copies of statements issued by various groups and individuals in protest of the National Service Act. Includes statements from the Anti-Ky Action Committee (AKAC), the Committee in Defiance of the National Service Act, Rev. Dudley Hyde, Jean McLean, Allan Dowsley and Barry York.

6.6 Draft Resisters Union

Envelope containing newspaper clippings, a photograph and leaflets authorised by the Draft Resisters Union (DRU).

6.7 Anti-conscription material (photocopies)

Photocopies of newsletters and anti-conscription advertisements. Issuing organisations include, the Draft Resisters Union, S.D.S Draft Resistance Group, National Campaign Against Conscription, Trade Union Vietnam and the Anti-Conscription Committee.

6.8 General articles (photocopies)

Description Folder / Item no.
Cuddy, Dennis L. 'The American role in Australian involvement in the Vietnam war' Australian Journal of Politics and History, Brisbane: University of Queensland Press, v. 28, no. 3 (1982), pp. 340-353 6.8/1
Gerster, Robin 'The least popular war : a cool look at Vietnam' Australian Book Review, Oct. 1987, pp. 10-11 6.8/2
Hamel-Green, Michael 'Vietnam: beyond pity' Australian Left Review, [Sydney: D.B. Young], April-May, 1970, pp. 53-65 6.8/3
Jordens, Ann-Mari 'Against the tide : the growth and decline of a liberal anti-war movement in Australia, 1905-1918' Historical Studies, v. 22, no. 88 (Apr. 1987), pp. 373-394 6.8/4
Maley, William 'Peace studies : a conceptual and practical critique' Australian Outlook, v. 42, no. 1 (Apr. 1988), pp. 29-36 6.8/5
McCrossin, Peter R. 'The Langer trial - a comedy of errors' In Gremio Legis,  Clayton, Vic : Monash Law Students Society, Aug. 1969, pp. 6-7 6.8/6
Van Moorst, Harry 'The anti-conscription movement examined' Aquarius, 1970, pp. 23-25 6.8/7

6.9 Research notes

Handwritten research and interview notes. Includes notes on draft resisters, activists and other individuals such as Michael Matteson, Ken Carr, Kevin Healy, Jim Page, Anne McPherson and Ken McClelland. Some notes are written on the back of personal letters and other miscellaneous documents.

6.10 Resource lists

Bibliographies and other lists of resources taken from Australian Public Affairs Information Service (APAIS), Australian War Memorial, Sydney Morning Herald, etc.

6.11 Miscellaneous research material

Photocopies of book chapters and other miscellaneous material.

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Series 7: Miscellaneous

This series is divided into two folders: clergy in service (7.1); and other miscellaneous material (7.2).

7.1 Clergy in service

Letters, meeting notes, pamphlets and other documents produced and received by the Victorian Council of Churches ca. 1972 - ca. 1976. Many documents concern education and careers in ministry. Included are copies of minutes from meetings of the Joint Commission for Continuing Education for Ministry.

7.2 Other miscellaneous material

Description Date Folder / Item no.
'Article submitted to the Tribune' 1969 7.2/1
[Notes on prison - Bob Scates] 1972 7.2/2a-c
'Australia's longest war, Martin Cameron, reviewed by Bob Scates' (for the Australian Book Review) 1988 7.2/3
'Report by working group on conscription' (CICD) n.d. 7.2/4
'Submission for consideration by Australian constitutional convention, subject : conscription' n.d. 7.2/5
'Australian defence heritage' n.d. 7.2/6
Australian Defence Force Academy (map) n.d. 7.2/7

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