Digital literacy tutorials

Digital literacy is one of eight Deakin University Graduate Learning Outcomes, and is defined as using technologies to find, use and disseminate information. Watch the following video or complete the tutorial to develop an understanding of digital literacy (Flash).

Develop an understanding of digital literacy (RTF, 1.2 MB)


  Determine the key concepts

Using key concepts is the best way to start your search.

  Develop a search strategy

Once you've identified keywords and concepts, you can begin to develop a search strategy.

  Use databases effectively

Using the single search box in Google is easy, but library databases often have multiple boxes.

  Find resources using Library Search

Lots of resources are available to you from the library, and finding them could be easier than you think.


  Know the formats of information

Information can come in many different formats. Knowing what kind information can be found in a book, an article or in the news can help with your searching.

  Know the types of information sources

Primary, secondary or tertiary information sources; depending on the source type you could be reading or viewing an original work or a second or even third person's interpretation.

  Evaluate information critically

There is so much information available today. Before using anything in your assignment, you'll need to assess its reliability and accuracy.

Disseminate and Share

  Communicate online responsibly

You'll be expected to participate in online discussions during your course. Now's the time to think about your digital footprint.

  Use information responsibly

Plagiarism; collusion; copyright; these words are used quite often at university, and it's important you understand what this means for you.

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