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Adding information resources to CloudDeakin

Direct linking to online information resources

Many resources have options to create stable links - some terms used include 'Permalink', 'Bookmark URL', 'Stable URL' and 'Digital Object Identifier' (DOI).

It may be necessary to insert the ezproxy prefix into the link. Some providers such as EBSCOhost will insert the ezproxy prefix for you.

The use of online resources is governed by licence agreements. Licence conditions are listed for each database under 'User rights' in the database record.

Instructions for linking to online resources

Digitisation of print materials as e-readings

If the material you want to add to CloudDeakin is one of the following types you will need to register the material in the Learning Repository (Equella):

  • Any readings to be digitised taken from print material, including chapters in books and journal articles not held electronically
  • Any digital material downloaded and used in reliance on the statutory license, Creative Commons, Terms of Use or permission
  • Any other third-party material that has been copied
  • Any reading that you have obtained the copyright permission to use.

Requesting digitised e-readings

For further information and advice contact, your Liaison Librarian, CloudDeakin Help or Copyright Services, Deakin Learning Futures.

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