Linking to exam papers

Using Library Search

  1. Go to the Library homepage
  2. Search for your unit code, e.g. MMM240.
    If the Library has exam papers for your unit, links will appear at the top of the search results screen.

    Results from searching for a unit code such as MMM240.
  3. Click the link to your unit's exam papers.
  4. Locate the exam papers link under "Status". Copy the link for the exam paper you want.

Using the Catalogue

  1. Go to the Library catalogue
  2. Search for your unit code followed by 'exam', e.g. MMM240 exam.

  3. Click on the link to 'access exam paper' for the one you wish to select.
  4. Copy the link that appears in your browser window, e.g.

For further information and advice contact your Liaison Librarian.