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Supporting change from VHS to Digital

Did you know?

By the end of 2012, all VHS players are being removed from lecture theatres and teaching spaces.

What does this mean for you?

You will no longer be able to play VHS tapes in teaching spaces and therefore will need to source a different format of material for use in your teaching. Deakin University Library and Deakin Learning Futures can help you with the changeover to a newer digital format - either DVD or streamed video.

What should you do next?

1. Check the Library catalogue

The Library is taking action to replace selected titles in its existing VHS collections to DVD or streamed video to ensure requested and high priority course materials are available in the correct format in the future.

If you hold personal copies of VHS videos that you use for teaching purposes you should first check whether the Library already provides access to a DVD or streamed video version or can provide access to a satisfactory alternate title.

2. Find a streamed copy

The Library may already hold titles that would meet your teaching requirements - currently over 8,000 DVDs and over 6,000 streamed videos titles are available. Use the Search or Discover more options on the Library website to check what titles are available - you can further refine any search by DVD Video format.

The Library subscribes to various titles through these Streamed Video suppliers:

You can suggest or request copies of streamed titles to be made available.

3.Find a DVD or an alternative title on the same topic

If the title is not already held by the Library in DVD or streamed video format, it is easy to browse DVD supplier websites to check whether the title is available in a digital format, or to look for an alternate title on the same topic that would meet your teaching requirements.

You can purchase direct from these suppliers or request the title be purchased by the Library via your Liaison Librarian:

You can browse other websites, including:

4. Consider conversion of VHS to DVD or streamed format

Conversion or format shifting to other formats must conform with the Copyright Act. Copyright support in Deakin Learning Futures can provide further information on the legal requirements of VHS conversion. Find out more information at

Can't find what you're looking for?

Liaison Librarians can assist you in searching for alternate titles that may meet your teaching needs.

New DVD or streamed video requests can be sent to the Library at We will treat all requests for materials to support teaching as high priority, but please allow at least 4 weeks for supply.

Review opportunity

This is a good opportunity to review and possibly update the resources that you use in your teaching. Your Liaison Librarian would be happy to assist with this review.

How can the Library help?

For assistance in replacing existing VHS titles please contact:


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23rd October 2012