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Requesting material

Requests from any campus Library

Everyone at Deakin can electronically request loans from any campus. When you search the library catalogue for a book, video or other item you need and find that it's not available at your campus library, you can Request it and arrange to receive it from you preferred campus library. If you're studying off campus the item will be delivered by postal service.

Requests from partner libraries (Bonus+)

BONUS+ is a resource sharing initiative that offers some fantastic opportunities to easily request some of over 2 million books. Bonus gives you access to book collections located in the BONUS+ libraries: University of Newcastle, University of Technology Sydney, University of Melbourne, Victoria University, University of Ballarat, and Deakin University.

If the book you need is not held at Deakin University Library, you can easily request it online from another BONUS+ Library, then collect it a few days later from your selected Deakin campus Library. If you're studying off campus the item will be delivered by postal service. Just look for the link in the Library catalogue.

Requests from worldwide libraries and document supply (interlibrary loans)

The Library can obtain items and articles for you from other libraries, and document suppliers, both within Australia and overseas. The interlibrary loans service provides online delivery of journal articles whenever possible.

Register first

If you are eligible to use the interlibrary loan service, your details will need to be registered on the Worldwide Loans and Document Supply system. Once you've completed the form, allow one working day for processing.. You will be emailed your Library Barcode and Password.

Search local and worldwide catalogues to request an Interlibrary Loan through the Worldwide Loans and Document Supply service

Or go directly to the Worldwide Loans and Document Supply Advanced Search option


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