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Keeping current

It is vital to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in your research area. This task has been made easier by new communication technologies, and the increasing availability of journal alerting services from publishers and database providers.

  • Access updated headlines, stories and articles from the latest issues of a wide range of online journals and news sources via the Library Channel on the University Portal. Look for the link to customise the display of journals to suit your needs, and use the available option to request that your favourite, or additional journals be added to the Library Channel (for journals available in RSS feed format).
  • Receive the Table of Contents (TOC) of the latest issue of your selected journals as they are published or create and save your search strategies to re-run at a later date using Journal alerting services. You can also browse the TOC of many individual ejournals free on the Internet.

  • Browse weekly subject lists of new books and databases added to the Library's collection.
  • Search the internet generally for free and subscriber based services that allow you to keep up to date with changes to your favourite websites. For example Google Reader, Google Alert, Yahoo! Alerts and InfoMinder.are useful for discussion lists, RSS feeds and blogs that could be relevant to your research.

Try this:



You may find it helpful to keep a research record (PDF format, 42KB) of any alerts you create or searches that you save.